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One of the most challenging aspects of building a new computer is understanding compatibility restrictions. Will a given motherboard fit in a case? Is the video card too long? Does the power supply have sufficient wattage? PCPartPicker provides these compatibility checks to ensure your components will work together. Over the past few months we have incorporated even more checks to help guide builders during the planning process.

I'm very pleased to announce cooperation with NZXT to integrate the PCPartPicker compatibility checker into NZXT.com. On NZXT product pages, such as the NZXT H440, you can now quickly evaluate compatibility versus any other part in the PCPartPicker database!

NZXT Compatibility Checker

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Posted by philip - March 11, 2014

I have wanted to build a mini-ITX system for quite some time. The original plan was to keep the budget of this build around $700, but after looking closer at the case I couldn't resist bumping up to a more powerful system. The 240mm radiator mount along with full length video card and power supply support make it ideal for a small form factor powerhouse.

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Posted by philip - March 3, 2014

The goal for this build was a gaming build that wouldn't break the bank. Since our last couple builds have been on the more expensive end ($3600 and $10000), we decided to keep things a bit more practical this time around. Our budget limit for this build was $1200, but due to the timing of purchases it ended up just under $1100.

NZXT kindly sent us the new H440 to test out, and we found it to be an outstanding case. More on that, and the rest of the build below...

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Posted by philip - Feb. 4, 2014