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Complete amateur: first build ever!!
by bcpetkovich
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I got myself into this into this without knowing much about computers at all, I really wanted a high performance gaming PC (because I dislike console gaming) also because of the growing trend of switching to PC gaming and building your own system. All of my friends were building there own computer so I decided to build my own gaming machine as well. After all it certainly has it's benefits being so much more fun and much cheaper then prebuilt. Like I said I did not know much about computer hardware or what parts to choose so I did a hell of a lot of research and also asked my cousin who is a computer genius.

It was difficult choosing parts, I was worried that since I have never done this before that I would not be happy with the parts that I chose or that it would not work. But I chose all the parts myself and got someone to look it over.

CPU: Definitely want to overclock it soon, such great processing speed the way it is right now, you just can't go wrong with the 3.4 GHz i5.

Motherboard: I was not sure if I made the right choice or not for this one I kinda wanted to upgrade more so I still do not know why I chose the micro ATX instead of the full ATX, I guess it was the price (which was a great price) that kinda drove me into buying this one, it helped me stay on track with my budget which was not to too much over 1k.

Memory: I had to choose between 8GB and 16GB really tough decision, I ended up with 8GB of ram I think I want 16GB of ram not so sure though.

Storage: I have enough storage space it is what it is.

Video card: I am in love with this video card it is such a great value and games run so smoothly with Zero lag.

Case: I wanted a case with a window and I like the that I chose it in white, you can really see everything inside, it looks good, very sleek and not to much going on quite subtle.

Not even gonna bother with PSU and Optical drive.

OS: I did not go with windows 8 because I am more familiar with Windows 7 and more games for Windows 7

Peripherals: I had to go with using razor peripherals because they are very repituble and of course look cool.

Overall I had no idea I could ever make this machine work but I did. so happy with myself, gonna keep upgrading it and posting new photos of it.

Date PublishedJune 2, 2014
Intel Core i5-3570K 3.4GHz Quad-Core Processor
CPU Clock Rate3.4GHz
CPU Temperature While Idle-
CPU Temperature Under Load-
EVGA GeForce GTX 660 2GB Video Card
GPU Core Clock Rate1.07Ghz
GPU Effective Memory Clock Rate6.01Ghz
GPU Temperature While Idle-
GPU Temperature Under Load-
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Tezliov [1 Build] 4 points 4 months ago

Good god use the cable management options.

Why did you buy an unlocked CPU and a locked mobo? The "K" processors are made for overclocking but that motherboard can't overclock.

I'd buy a new motherboard for your next upgrade. Make sure it has the Z77 chipset (can't overclock on non-z77 chipset motherboards).

ThePCGamer123 1 point 4 months ago

Maybe he got the "K" version because it was cheaper and in the future he can swap his Mobo for a Z77.

Tezliov [1 Build] 2 points 4 months ago

I can't say I've ever seen the "K" version be cheaper. Unless he got it on sale or something.

I noticed that he said he wanted to OC soon in his description, so I'm guessing he didn't know you can't OC on B75 motherboards.

ThePCGamer123 0 points 4 months ago

The "K" version is cheaper than the locked version on Amazon.co.uk (usually i5 4670k) is cheaper than the locked CPU.

Tezliov [1 Build] 1 point 4 months ago

The OP seems to be American and I can't seem to have ever seen that here. Maybe stores price items differently in the UK?

ThePCGamer123 0 points 4 months ago

Yeah everything in the U.K. is way cheaper than in America.

Tezliov [1 Build] 1 point 4 months ago

I'm saying that they might price different items differently, not that it's cheaper...

ThePCGamer123 0 points 4 months ago

No I am trying to just say that stuff in the U.K. is cheaper.

Silent_Assassin 1 point 4 months ago

I'm from the UK and I can tell you that stuff is cheaper in the US

You don't have to look far to prove this

ThePCGamer123 0 points 4 months ago

Are you sure? Because I have visited America and most things cost more there, like for example if you buy a FX 6300 it cost £80 in the UK while in America it costs like $115. This is the same with a i7, i5 and i3! Not only PC parts I bought BF3 there when it first came out and it cost $60 whereas in the UK it costs £45.

Hodgey [1 Build] 1 point 4 months ago

So... That's cheaper then. $115 is less than £70. Whereas $60 is under £40. Check the actual exchange rate if you wish to check. But, those examples you gave do show that it's less. $1 does not equal £1.

ThePCGamer123 0 points 4 months ago

No what I am saying is that you are paying more dollars but in the UK you are paying less pounds I didn't mean to say that stuff is cheaper.

Lazerpope 1 point 4 months ago

On 6/2/2014 at 5:35PM EST one (£1) Brittish Pound Sterling was exctly equal to $1.67 US Dollar. This means $115 would exactly be equilivent to £68.67 and indeed less than £80. (£68.67 < £80) This also means that £80 is equivalent to $133.97, more than $115. Therefore, some things, as of 5:40PM EST 6/2/2014, in North America are cheaper than in Britain, definitely, unequivocally, and undeniably proving your arguement incorrect. You sir, just got shrekt.

TheSnakeRocks 1 point 4 months ago

(i don't know how to do the pound symbol on my american keyboard, my bad) but 45 pounds = about $75 so how is that cheaper? the 6300 for 80 pounds is about $134 converted (and to buy it's about $117)

Keralis [2 Builds] 1 point 4 months ago

A payphone in London is about 3 pound/ 5 US dollars a minute when in US it is $25 a minute. Stuff in the US is cheaper from currency exchange.

bchurch 2 points 4 months ago

Maybe 25 cents, not 25$ a minute?

xx116xx [3 Builds] 2 points 4 months ago

More games for Windows 7.


Tezliov [1 Build] 3 points 4 months ago

Besides Fallout 3 not working on Windows 8, I have no idea what he could mean by that.

izzy4020 [4 Builds] 1 point 4 months ago

I think he meant less compatibility issues on Win 7 compared to WIN 8

xx116xx [3 Builds] 1 point 4 months ago

Probably. But still sounded weird haha

89masteryoda 2 points 4 months ago

I like it! Just that you should have gone with different peripherals, and a modular PSU. This could've been better for just a little more http://www.amazon.com/Logitech-G510s-Gaming-Keyboard-Screen/dp/B00BCEK2LU/ref=zg_bs_402051011_19

as well as the Razer DeathAdder or Naga instead for your mouse.

A cheaper disc drive would've been fine. Take what others here said into account.

Make sure you look back here on your next build, this stuff has been true.

Ggadget 1 point 4 months ago

The Taipan is a good mouse.

Stomish-PCs 1 point 4 months ago

Sorry bud, but you overpaid by quite a bit on that GTX 660. I got my Windforce 760 for the same price.

bcpetkovich [Submitter] [1 Build] 1 point 4 months ago

When I bought it, it was more like 250$ or maybe even less, the price must have changed

bcpetkovich [Submitter] [1 Build] 1 point 4 months ago

I forget the original price since when I bought it but all I know it was a really good deal

izzy4020 [4 Builds] 1 point 4 months ago

Agree just got mine from newegg fro $190 with a free copy of Watchdogs,but again got it from Best buy!! not the cheapest place to get parts

Pooky218 1 point 4 months ago

Best Buy actually has hella good deals! H100i is super cheap right now!

izzy4020 [4 Builds] 1 point 4 months ago

Weird choice the OC I5 with the B75 chipset mobo, I have an Asus B85 chipset that is way better, and they go for like $85,other than that seems like a good build for being a newbie so up vote for me!!