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Linux Economy
by kramnotrub
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Built for an economy machine running Linux. Installed Edubuntu. Works like a dream. Linux has come a long ways from text entry to graphics interface competitive with latest Windows or Mac operating systems. OS would be transparent to most users. Used the parts listed below plus an 80G hard drive (bulk purchase from ebay). So entire system is about $160. Edubuntu would run but not install until hard drive was formatted using a formatting utility. Wireless connected immediately. Case is nice and roomy though the motherboard has only two card slots (PCI and PCIe). Motherboard and CPU combo was a big help since didn't have to risk damaging socket (been there, done that). Motherboard and case wires mated well though had to do a little research on power and reset connector locations. Wouldn't change a thing and plan to make a dozen with the rest of the hard drives. PCPartPicker was a huge help with compatibility.

When commenting on a completed build please keep your feedback polite and constructive, particularly if commenting on part choices and possible alternatives.
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AustinTheTimelord [1 Build] 4 points 7 months ago

Sorry for sounding stupid but what is this build for? I don't know much about Linux.

nerdymosh [2 Builds] 6 points 7 months ago

Linux requires nothing pretty much to run. so this is a small build that im pretty sure runs linux like a dream

Eschaton [1 Build] 2 points 7 months ago

Second to that; what did it get used for? A school perhaps?

kramnotrub [Submitter] [1 Build] 1 point 5 months ago

Time to get on the Linux bandwagon. Tired of MS flops? Don't want the high price Apple stuff? Go Linux. Do a little research on the Linux distributions. They've come a long way. Ubuntu is transparent to the user. Won't know you're not using Windows.

AustinTheTimelord [1 Build] 1 point 5 months ago

So since I have this build, What would happen if I downloaded Linux? Would all my stuff stay? Would there be a problem since I already have Win 7? What if I don't like it? Can I switch back?

kramnotrub [Submitter] [1 Build] 1 point 5 months ago

You can (1) try Linux without loading, (2) install Linux as a second OS, or (3) replace Win 7 and use your Win 7 somewhere else.

talby [8 Builds] 4 points 7 months ago

+1, budget builds are great and all but that PSU is meh, I probably would have went for an Antec BP350 for $30 for at least some peace of mind. I would not put more than 200W through that logisys unit, may get fireworks, and you pretty much need a surge protector it will not do very well with variations in the mains...

Since Edubuntu comes with an LTSP server check out running the other ones you build hdd-less (boot off of network, if they are on the same subnet) and you can save all those 80gb drives for use paperweights, doorstops and bookends.

That case brought me back nearly a decade, I recall cutting out the area that has the rear fan holes and putting in a fingerguard for improved airflow (when I first got my rotozip, good times) and the top blowhole exhaust really helped those game rigs back then. good times man!


iThoughtSheWas16 3 points 7 months ago

Nice build! Not sure about the PSU though. They aren't very good.

Eschaton [1 Build] 2 points 7 months ago

Excellent choice of wireless card.

Ilrita 2 points 7 months ago

That is a great set up for Linux. Some Linux distros can run flawlessly on even 1GB with slight edits (Mint for example), so I'm sure this build will be great for small general usage like writing, internet surfing, video watching etc etc.

Never heard of that PSU though.

ThePCguy2013 2 points 7 months ago

+1 4 linux!

Jozmtr 2 points 4 months ago

What is this Madness.. an integrated CPU o3o

[comment deleted]
Vas65mar -1 points 7 months ago


SpicyPickle [1 Build] 8 points 7 months ago

The CPU is an Athlon II X2 it's with the motherboard.

[comment deleted by staff]
JoeyThePCNoob [2 Builds] 8 points 7 months ago

Lets try to keep it civil.

Electrospeed 6 points 7 months ago

There's no point in personal insults just because somebody happened to not know something. They did not know the CPU is already on the mobo, and now they do, so relax.

Vas65mar 6 points 7 months ago

Ohh I didn't see :D

Electrospeed 3 points 7 months ago

:D good for you.