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The Blue one
by Mincading
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first computer! im 15, what do you expect... i got this machine to play high end games (BF3) and went with a blue theme. hyper 212 keeps the CPU at 32-38 degrees while on use... seems high to me. the 560 was an amazing upgrade from a 512 mb 8800 :/


CPU:Amazing, fast clock, i dont need any faster. the intergrated gpu is quite impressive, got 5.0 on desktop WEI, 6.3 on gaming.

Motherboard: Amazing. MSI splash screen was so fast i didnt know how to get into UEFI (figured it out after 4 restarts).

RAM:was clocked at 1333, used XMP to bump it back to stock 1600, dont know why the z77 chipset didnt chip in.

Cooler: its SO quiet. i took the side LED fan from the case and used it on the cooler for a push pull configuration.

SSD: amazing. wei is 7.7 with this beast, windows logo doesn't have enough time to finish!

HDD: at first, it was detected in BOIS, not windows, to solve this, i unplugged my SSD, put in my windows cd, created a new partition, and formatted, THEN IT WORKED!

CD drive: basic, advertised at 17$, got it for 30$ total.... stupid shipping.

Case: Amazing, came with 4 fans! Came with a 5"1/4 adapter, i could've get it out after installing the motherboard, oh well, i don't need it. the front panel covers need to be broken off, same with the PCI slots, once u take them out, u cant put it back in. the thermometer probe was easy to use, same with fan controller.

tooless design wasnt really tooless, u had to screw in the plugs into the HDD, its ok though, quite convenient.

GPU: just fast, amazing. i play LoL and i turned everything max, v sync off. i ended up getting 278 fps LOL.

PSU: CPU 8 pin is WAY too short, i had to use the included cord extension from the case.

overall it is a quiet computer, i can barely hear it. the actual total is $1070, pcpartpicker doesnt include tax or shipping.

it was a great experience, having to research and actually build it. it took me 2 hours, not bad for a first timer!

Date PublishedMarch 30, 2014
Date BuiltJuly 23, 2013
Intel Core i5-3450 3.1GHz Quad-Core Processor
CPU Clock Rate3.9GHz
CPU Temperature While Idle30.0° C
CPU Temperature Under Load54.0° C
Gigabyte GeForce GTX 560 Ti 1GB Video Card
GPU Core Clock Rate900MHz
GPU Effective Memory Clock Rate4.0GHz
GPU Temperature While Idle30.0° C
GPU Temperature Under Load45.0° C
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gogo809 [2 Builds] 2 points 24 months ago

VERY good for your first build. Good component choices and good wiring!

Mincading [Submitter] [9 Builds] 1 point 24 months ago

Thanks a lot! I really wanted feed back on my build, im surprised i knew which parts to choose and how to install it since it was my first build. Wiring was easy since i had modular cables!

dirksta 2 points 23 months ago

nice man thanks for shareing.

gen3benz 2 points 23 months ago

Shhweet build! Might wanna remove some fur from the case in pic 2, could clog up a fan.X-D Keep up the good work! PS i didn't even know what UEFI was, had to look it up haha thanks! PPS You mention an SSD in the write-up but not in the parts list, which one ya got?

Mincading [Submitter] [9 Builds] 1 point 23 months ago

I tried it my temps dropped! XD uefi is amazing haha. Also the partlist changed cuz i was making another build D: it should be back now!!! :) Like the comment above; dont get this, get a synchronous ssd :)

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TSTheSilent 1 point 23 months ago

Nice setup there. Am starting off at a budget of £300. Am 15 as well so I will be impressed if the setup I go with works out well since it is a budget PC. Overall good specs hope it lasts for a long time :D

Mincading [Submitter] [9 Builds] 3 points 23 months ago

Nice! I see a lot of people build their first computers at the age of 15/16, its a great experience. One thing to note: dont cheap out on parts, you get what what you pay for and the more you spend, the longer it would last!

synestir 0 points 23 months ago

sorry to tell you but u need atleast $500 to make a decent gaming rig, 300 wont get you anything

Mincading [Submitter] [9 Builds] 1 point 23 months ago

300 £, not canadian/US dollars :P

synestir 1 point 23 months ago

oh right sorry, well good luck and post your build when its done

synestir -1 points 23 months ago
RussianSpetsnaz 1 point 23 months ago

Hey man, is that case good? i like the TEMP reader on the front, im getting the (Cooler Master HAF 922 ATX Mid Tower) cause my friend recomended it due to its massive fannage xD

Mincading [Submitter] [9 Builds] 2 points 23 months ago

Hey man! The case is GREAT. For like a third of the price of the haf922, you get like the best case for the price range. The temperature reading is so easy to use, its literally a diode that you put anywhere. The case cooling is great, the hottest i can get it to is 30 degrees celcius, thats pretty cool. Usually its 23-28 :) also it comes with 4 fans; 3 led ones. I really like this case, u should get it ;)

synestir 1 point 23 months ago

This is a great build for your first! Very nice, although i have to ask why didnt you go for a k processor in the intel series? did you not think about overclocking?

Mincading [Submitter] [9 Builds] 1 point 23 months ago

Thanks for the feedback! I chose not to go with a k series as i didnt plan on doing high oc's, this cou and mobo combo is pretty decent; i got it up to 3.8GHZ i believe :)

synestir 0 points 23 months ago
Mincading [Submitter] [9 Builds] 2 points 22 months ago

Thanks a lot for your feedback :)

The power supply may be an issue if your case is bottom mounted psu. If the case is mid tower ATX, your cpu 8pic connector will definitely not reach. Unless u get the same case, it will come with the 8 pin extension cable. So short cables will be the main issue :(

Blozi [1 Build] 1 point 22 months ago

Definitely feeling Newegg ripped me off... mine didn't come with a dog!

Great build dude, and we're the same age!

Mincading [Submitter] [9 Builds] 1 point 22 months ago

LOOOL that made my morning :') thanks man!! I appreciate it :P hehe nice :D

xfeatured [1 Build] 1 point 6 months ago

omg that dog <3 !!!!!!!!!! so cute!! haha :D

TinDaDragon 0 points 23 months ago

You could've gotten an ASRock Z77 Pro4 at Microcenter for $50.

With the money saved, switch the SSD to a Crucial M4 or OCZ Vertex 4. The Mushkin has asynchronous NAND aka Low end. It will slow down once you write on it.

Change the power supply to a Rosewill HIVE 550W.

Everything else is good

Mincading [Submitter] [9 Builds] 1 point 23 months ago

It's not on sale anymore :( the ssd had better write speeds than those ssds, thats why i went with this ssd, but you learn more everytime! I will go for sychronous nand next time. I cannot switch the PSU As i have already completed my build, nice suggestion though. I need the extra 50 watts as it gives me room to upgrade in the future.