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Project White Rose

by davisr24


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Date Published

April 29, 2014

Date Built

April 28, 2014

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This PC is used for gaming and music production. I had a Sager Gaming laptop (NP9370) and wanted to build a desktop to complement both those needs. So I sold my Sager and my MPC 1000 to create the funds for this build. Cable management is still a WIP, but I'll stop being lazy one of these day and really fix it up.

Primary retailers were Microcenter and Amazon.


Mobo + CPU

If you shop at Microcenter they have a deal where you can get the CPU+Mobo combo and get 30-40$ off the Mobo its a pretty good deal. Plus the CPU was only 249!!! I picked up the 4770K and the Asus Z87-Pro for about 450$ (including taxes).


Got it for a good price of 79.99 on Amazon (also seen it on BestBuy for the same $), read reviews about noise but haven't had issues with mine. I recommend it.


Got this from Amazon it was on sale. Good price no complaints


I was just looking for a standard HDD. I personally have a WD fail on me before so I was avoiding them. Never had an issues with Toshiba so I went with this one. Purchased this at Microcenter. I have a ssd as well from a previous build but it isn't installed as of right now.

CD Drive

Again looking for something simple and cheap tbh. Purchased this at Microcenter no issues as of yet.


EVGA now has its step program which allows you to step up to the new 6G cards that are coming out if you purchased a previous 780. If you purchased one just go on the website and register it I think you have 90 days to step up. I probably wont as I'm using a single monitor setup so I wont need the additional VRAM right now. I went with the classified and I saw it cheaper at other places fro about 20$ less, however wanted to keep my orders from the same two retailers.


Saw this at Microcenter and while in the store pulled up the online review from my phone. Got good reviews so I grabbed it. Spur of the moment type deal.

Everything else I already had I tried to stay within the 1500 price range so I think I did ok. Any questions ask away.

Thanks for looking.

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MichaeL925280 2 points

Nice build. I got my 1st build i will do using the same case, H100i & 4770k.

Permalink 10 months ago
davisr24 submitter 1 Build 1 point

nice man yea I'm loving this PC

Permalink 10 months ago
Catalyzer 1 Build 2 points

Nice one man ! :) +1

Permalink 10 months ago
davisr24 submitter 1 Build 1 point


Permalink 10 months ago
Catalyzer 1 Build 1 point

Do those fans on the side the white LED ones come with the case ? They look so cool !

Permalink 10 months ago
MichaeL925280 1 point

yes the 2 side fans come with the case

Permalink 10 months ago
Lia642on01 1 point

Nice looking build, hope you enjoy you gaming pleasure and at least your cable management is better then my PC :D


Permalink 10 months ago
[comment deleted by staff]
davisr24 submitter 1 Build 1 point

yea i know looks fugly lol....I'll update with new pics now that I have it in its permanent place.

Permalink 10 months ago

I have the Storm Stryker and I have to say its a great case!

Permalink 10 months ago
vulkan 1 point

Nice man your prive value ratio is pretty good, but for something with parts like this an ssd is the one thing I would suggest

Permalink 10 months ago
tg440766 1 Build 1 point

Which fans are intake? Maybe rotate the top drive bay.

Permalink 10 months ago

Very nice build. But that big case and dem cables. Aye caramba!

Permalink 10 months ago
dbdev 1 Build 1 point

Excellent build! Great proc price!

Permalink 10 months ago
AintScurred 1 point

You got a 4770k cheaper than I can get a 4670k.... I cri everytime. But jokes aside good build only thing I would say to improve on is to move away from carpet. Also no ssd? this maybe a myth but Toshiba may not have been the best company to get a hdd from. Could have gone with a WD Blue. Anyway good build :) +1

Permalink 10 months ago
DBRider251 1 point

Nice build! Would look better if it had an SSD.

+1 though

Permalink 10 months ago
Kartexa 1 Build 1 point

Ohhhhh, I have that same tv that you're using as a second monitor :P

Permalink 10 months ago
davisr24 submitter 1 Build 1 point

haha nice

Permalink 10 months ago