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by adnanklink


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CPU Clock Rate


CPU Temperature While Idle

32.0° C

CPU Temperature Under Load

56.0° C

GPU Core Clock Rate


GPU Effective Memory Clock Rate



This is a rig I put together to do whatever it is I needed it to do. That includes gaming, writing code, compiling programs, editing videos and pictures, as well as general internet browsing. In choosing the parts, I held one phrase in mind...NO COMPROMISE!!!! :)

Note: The final piece of the build that I purchased were the graphics cards, and I know they aren't premium components like the rest of the build but I figured I could keep them for a few months until Maxwell releases next year because they were purchased at a really good price.

I'm not final on the name of the build just yet, but if anyone has any suggestions, I'm open.

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l13199l 1 Build 3 points

thats a really great price for a 7870GHz, and this is a really clean and well put together build +1

Permalink 15 months ago
HD7ames 1 Build 3 points

Beautiful build man and I love the fact you kept it quite neat and even your desk setup nice and organized I hate seeing when people just have wires everywhere and desk full of clutter. Nice build

Permalink 15 months ago
Oliver 4 Builds 3 points

Nice build! I love 350D builds so much!

Permalink 15 months ago
bnix54 2 points

Sexy! +1

Permalink 15 months ago
CheyTac 4 Builds 2 points

You could OC your CPU to like 4,6 Ghz or maybe 4,8 Ghz if the temps are at 56c at 4,4 Ghz

Permalink 15 months ago
adnanklink submitter 1 Build 1 point

I haven't messed with it all that much, but with the ratio set at anything higher than 44, it gets unstable. Its been a while but I remember trying to mess with the voltage and not getting very far.

Permalink 15 months ago
Liam81 1 point

I'm not much of a case badge guy but this is really, really well done!!

I tip my cap to you !!

Permalink 15 months ago
adnanklink submitter 1 Build 1 point

Thanks man!!! I put the effort into the details

Permalink 15 months ago
Ope_Lee 1 Build 1 point

Really nice build! +1

I really wished swiftech made the tubings shorter and I've seen some builds with the H220 where the barbs stick out too much, blocking the dimm slots unless you're running low pros :(. Nice build none the less! :)

Permalink 15 months ago
Vas65mar 1 point

great build, sweet spot for gaming, +1

Permalink 15 months ago
MrImnotMLG 1 point


Permalink 15 months ago
FirstPCbuilder 1 point

Did you do your own sleeving or did you buy extensions?

Permalink 15 months ago
adnanklink submitter 1 Build 1 point

I bought the extensions, i didn't think the reduced cost was worth sleeving it myself.

Permalink 15 months ago
AHH107 1 Build 1 point

Great build! How do you find the LED kit? I've seen some reviews online where people have flickering problems with it. Do you have that issue?

Permalink 14 months ago
adnanklink submitter 1 Build 2 points

no problems so far with the led

Permalink 14 months ago
KingOFCRuel_ 1 point

How are the monitors? gonna buy 2 soon!

Permalink 13 months ago
adnanklink submitter 1 Build 1 point

The monitors are great. I did have one of them kinda go bad after like 2 months but it was replaced promptly with the included 3 year warranty. Other than that, i think these monitors are awesome because of the contrast, viewing angles, and the edge to edge glass (look really good with multiple monitors).

Permalink 13 months ago
KingOFCRuel_ 1 point

Hows the Razer Momba holding up?

Permalink 13 months ago
adnanklink submitter 1 Build 1 point

The mouse is holding up just fine. I really like the mouse itself, but razer makes some pretty ****** software/drivers...

Permalink 13 months ago
rOjOdogg 1 Build 1 point

Nice build with quality parts and great cable management. Looks nice too! You will be happy to know that your GPU's in crossfire give the same or in some cases better performance than a Titan. Plus you could go 3 way crossfire with a R9 270 or 270x.

Permalink 12 months ago
Neverside 1 point

Did you have any trouble installing the h220 cooler? I'm building with the 350d as well and can't decide on a CPU cooler

Permalink 11 months ago
Reconmidget 1 point

Do I get your GPU's when your done with them? Also, how are the speakers? Cheers

Permalink 5 months ago