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Getting kinda hard to think of names. Low-mid budget secondhand build.
by 8F01C198997
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Everything in this computer with the exception of the motherboard was purchased on craigslist or something I had lying around. I sort of just built this for the hell of it, but I decided I will try to sell it on craigslist for roughly a $100 profit. I think It would be fairly easy considering the parts and the price I paid.

The CPU was purchased with the 8GB memory for $150 on craigslist. I was surprised to see how cool it runs with the stock cooler.

The motherboard was purchased at Altex. I paid roughly $15 more than it is worth simply because it was the last part I got and it was the only one I could get without getting it shipped.

The SSD is my favorite part. I traded a case that I spent roughly $20 on for this SSD and a 1TB 3.5" Seagate HDD that I'll be using in another build. The SSD is only 3Gb/s but it actually boots faster than my main i7-4770k system with a Samsung 840 EVO SSD.

The 2.5" HDD I got from my sister's laptop when I upgraded it to an SSD.

I effectively paid $105 for the 750 Ti. I spent $125 on a sapphire 7850 and traded that for the 750 Ti plus $20. It was a great deal.

The case I got as part of a $100 deal that included this case, an AMD A8-3800K, 6GB (2GB x 3) DDR3-1600 Corsair XMS, and a 650W Seasonic PSU.

Altogether I think I did a pretty good job and should have a fairly easy time selling it for $500-$600 on craigslist.

Part List
Date PublishedMay 15, 2014
Intel Core i5-2400 3.1GHz Quad-Core Processor
CPU Clock Rate3.1GHz
CPU Temperature While Idle30.0° C
CPU Temperature Under Load65.0° C
PNY GeForce GTX 750 Ti 2GB Enthusiast Edition Video Card
GPU Core Clock Rate1.02Ghz
GPU Effective Memory Clock Rate5.4GHz
GPU Temperature While Idle27.0° C
GPU Temperature Under Load61.0° C
3DMark 11 Benchmark Results
Extreme Preset ScoreX3818
Performance Preset ScoreP12958
Entry Preset ScoreE121922
When commenting on a completed build please keep your feedback polite and constructive, particularly if commenting on part choices and possible alternatives.
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Grizzlyx [1 Build] 7 points 4 months ago

Quite the barterer. +1 for haggling

8F01C198997 [Submitter] [8 Builds] 1 point 4 months ago

Thanks. I do my best.

kekai.ariola 4 points 4 months ago

Everyone should start naming their rigs with the same naming convention that goes into naming race horses.

8F01C198997 [Submitter] [8 Builds] 1 point 4 months ago

Sounds like a good concept. What would you name this one?

kekai.ariola 9 points 4 months ago

Maybe you could name it Yourmotherinlaw that way the following can be said:

"Yourmotherinlaw is a beautiful machine." "Yourmotherinlaw was so cheap!" "I could use Yourmotherinlaw all day."

sohouse 2 points 4 months ago

i am buying

8F01C198997 [Submitter] [8 Builds] 1 point 4 months ago

Well this is a pleasant surprise. Where do you live?

sohouse 1 point 4 months ago

North carolina

rapdog90 [1 Build] 2 points 4 months ago

you definitely got a good deal on all the parts, good job.

TooGood [1 Build] 2 points 2 months ago

Nice build. I've been wanting to do a build with the 750 Ti simply because the performance per watt is incredible, but I can't think of what I would do with such a build. I love that card though.

8F01C198997 [Submitter] [8 Builds] 1 point 2 months ago

I have the same dilema for the G3258. I realy want to build something with it, but I don't need another computer.

TooGood [1 Build] 2 points 2 months ago

Hmmm... Too bad I don't have any crappy desktops that need upgrades...

[comment deleted by staff]