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i5 4670k @ 4.2GHz OC, GTX 770, Fractal R4
by yatesl
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*29/11/14 - Upgraded my monitor to a BenQ XL2411Z (Landscape & Portrait views)

*25/11/14 - Upgraded the Crucial M4 128GB SSD to a Crucial MX100 256GB SSD.

*17/08/14 - Added windowed side panel, and an LED light strip attached to the top of the case.


Part List
Date BuiltJune 25, 2013
Intel Core i5-4670K 3.4GHz Quad-Core Processor
CPU Clock Rate4.2GHz
CPU Temperature While Idle40.0° C
CPU Temperature Under Load90.0° C
Gigabyte GeForce GTX 770 2GB WINDFORCE Video Card
GPU Core Clock Rate1.14Ghz
GPU Effective Memory Clock Rate7.0GHz
GPU Temperature While Idle28.0° C
GPU Temperature Under Load74.0° C
3DMark 11 Benchmark Results
Extreme Preset ScoreX6643
Performance Preset ScoreP9819
Entry Preset ScoreE14665
When commenting on a completed build please keep your feedback polite and constructive, particularly if commenting on part choices and possible alternatives.
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ESPM400 [1 Build] 1 point 13 months ago

Any particular reason for the downvotes on everyone (with ups on the OP)?

yatesl [Submitter] [2 Builds] 0 points 13 months ago

No idea, I've upvoted everyone here to balance it!

noob_for_life 0 points 13 months ago

i think you have the wrong cooler listed, i think it is the coolermaster 212 evo. nice build!!

yatesl [Submitter] [2 Builds] -1 points 13 months ago

You're right, that was from my old PC!

ESPM400 [1 Build] -1 points 13 months ago

Not bad, but hell, that's some massive GPU droop (thought mine was bad).

How's the noise level with that CPU cooler?

Nice job on the cable management as well.

yatesl [Submitter] [2 Builds] 0 points 13 months ago

It's quite a heavy card! No issues so far, as it's securely screwed in.

Noise levels are fine. Loud on boot, but quietens down as soon as the OS loads. You can definitely tell it's on, but the case goes a long way to keeping it background noise.

Starlana [2 Builds] -1 points 13 months ago

Very nice build. :) <3 Starlana <3 +1

yatesl [Submitter] [2 Builds] 0 points 13 months ago

Thanks, yours too!

spencerharden -1 points 13 months ago

do all your pic have to have a tilt

yatesl [Submitter] [2 Builds] 1 point 13 months ago

They appear normal in Windows, but the portrait ones are landscape on here!

Varked -1 points 13 months ago

Why'd you decide on the 770 instead of a r9 280x?

yatesl [Submitter] [2 Builds] -1 points 13 months ago

I built this 6 months ago

Varked -1 points 13 months ago

Gotcha. Still a great build.

DarkTheGreatest -1 points 13 months ago

Really nice build, I think you should add some LEDs to make it even cooler!

yatesl [Submitter] [2 Builds] 1 point 11 months ago

I would if I had the windowed case.