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The Phantom i7

by esk02k



Date Published

Dec. 20, 2016

CPU Clock Rate


GPU Core Clock Rate


GPU Effective Memory Clock Rate



First pic is the final build, the rest were taken before the final set of parts had arrived.

The build went smooth, most of the parts were bought from scan.co.uk (Tip : make and account with av forums for free next day delivery with scan) and it all arrived in waves so I had plenty of time to get the cable management neat and tidy. Initially I was going to go for a water cooler for the cpu but decided against it as I want reliability with little to no maintenance (I know i will have to blow out the dust no big deal). Some parts are leaning more on the budget side to allow me to invest the money in parts that are important to me. The machine is going to be used mainly for gaming but also for music production, photoshop and some video editing, gotta justify that i7 somehow.

Now onto the only problem I had. The system refused to boot with the ram in the XMP setting in bios. Ive heard this is a common problem with some z170 boards. I set the timings and the frequency manually and it works rock solid. I have to run the ram at 2933 instead of 3000mhz but I can live with that. Aparently with a small overclock of the cpu, maybe some extra voltage I can get it to run at 3000mhz but im not bothered by that for now although I do plan to overclock later.

One of my criteria for the build was for it to be silent. These are the steps ive taken to achieve it : Changing the front fan to a 140mm silent fractal r3 instead of the 120mm one, I also changed the top 140mm fan for one of these. I replaced the stock led fan, From my experience led fans are never as quiet as proper silent fans. I've set up fan curves so the cpu fan is inaudible below 50 degrees (45% fan speed). The gpu fan is off also when its not being used. The psu fan is also meant to stop when its not under much use but it seems to be on so maybe im pulling just enough watts to make it turn on. Its silent though so I cant hear it anyway. The thing thats making the most noise is the hdd which was pulled from an old pc, Ill probably remove this later. The case itself maybe isnt ideal for this purpose because of the open holes in the side. Either way its nice and whisper quiet now.

Some good deals can be found at :

https://www.reddit.com/r/buildapcsalesuk/ and http://www.hotukdeals.com/computers

I snagged an MSI GTX 1070 Armor for £294 thanks to this site^

Part Reviews


Good motherboard for the price. Has all the features I need. Its a few cm smaller than standard atx boards though which can make it flex a bit when you add your ram due to not having standoffs in that area. This is not really much of an issue though, especially if you add your ram outside of the case. Another small thing, my ram wouldnt boot with the xmp setting but this wasnt a big deal because I set the timings and frequency manually. Wasn't able to boot at 3000mhz but could boot at 2933 which im happy with.


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