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First, thank you for visiting PCPartPicker. I hope you enjoy the site, and I hope you find it useful. PCPartPicker wouldn't be possible without your feedback and feature suggestions.

Since adding this forum I've been blown away by the amount of feedback. That's a great thing! At this point though, the rate of suggestions is outstripping my ability to implement them all. So I want you to know that even if I don't respond to every topic and feature suggestion, I absolutely read every single post. I'm glad for every bit of feedback I receive - good and bad. It's my intent to improve and grow this site, and your input is critical for that.


- Philip

Title Submitted By Replies Views Last Post
Isolated part lists - possible? Hummerj 1 60 12 hours ago by TheOfficialCzex
Improvement to GPU Parametric Filter Awakening 3 39 14 hours ago by manirelli
Pinned icon on mobile buch88owns_chair 2 32 14 hours ago by buch88owns_chair
Any chance of getting SuperBiiz's shipping prices listed and factored in automatically like is done for all the other vendors? Dan_Dudley 2 24 15 hours ago by manirelli
An LGA1151 motherboard is appearing in the compatible results for LGA2011 CPUs basura_blanco 11 114 1 day ago by manirelli
Cheapest price when restricting part searches by vendor NightshadeXL 0 34 1 day ago by NightshadeXL
A budget counter thingy, idek what to call it. AustinHerzfeldt 7 74 1 day ago by AustinHerzfeldt
RGB filter Pit_27 2 36 1 day ago by S0nny_WarBucks58
What happens to the builds done by the PCPP staff in the blog? cmcc 12 158 2 days ago by TheOfficialCzex
"Community" Parts technyk32 5 50 2 days ago by technyk32
In 2017, will any new features be added to the website? GumbyGreen88 5 100 3 days ago by manirellis_fridge
(Bug) Amazon prices are not listed in price history. Mikemk 1 18 3 days ago by manirelli
So, this site has an SSL... Endw 1 82 4 days ago by johngerges582
Accedentially deleted saved part list. JasonLavender 1 31 4 days ago by Mint4Condition
(BUG) The information for Motherboards is missing Jadee52 2 34 4 days ago by Jadee52
[BUG] Jet Prices Consistently Wrong and Lower Than Listed on Jet Website Awakening 2 49 5 days ago by Awakening
Genome II CPU Cooler AtomKanister 2 74 6 days ago by TheOfficialCzex
Could I have a rumor confirmed for me? S0nny_WarBucks58 14 135 7 days ago by yomama6776_
"Forum Search" desperate of a rework. Rexper 2 41 7 days ago by Xorex64
Use conditional formatting to highlight current part from working system build in part lists krilin31 4 52 8 days ago by aether_tech
Custom watercooling loop parts on pcpartpicker Jacoby2002 5 100 8 days ago by HeroXLazer
Watercooling kits? ZeElie 2 31 8 days ago by Xizt
[Bug Report] Search not working as intended on broadwell-e cpus Ultimation 0 24 9 days ago by Ultimation
Plz add microphones xAerodqs 5 106 11 days ago by BeerzGod
Many CAS Entries for RAM Are Incorrect zackoftrades333 1 56 14 days ago by philip
In reference to "Build Guides being....bad?" jipster69 14 119 14 days ago by jipster69
When creating an "automatic" custom part, allow us to choose which category is this part. Mint4Condition 1 51 14 days ago by TheOfficialCzex
Spanish pcpartpicker stores HZXT 1 99 15 days ago by WirelessCables
Error uploading images for completed builds :( imzrex 10 62 15 days ago by BalloonMatrix
Overclocking Forum Section? jipster69 21 166 15 days ago by buch88owns_chair
Sorting options I'd like to see R34P3RK1NG 4 61 18 days ago by R34P3RK1NG
Refresh Rate column? SuperDeluxe7 2 65 18 days ago by rosswalker
Filter power supplies by number of sata connectors Lt.Broccoli 1 43 18 days ago by colinreay
Gift Card Calculator Jkannenberg1 3 63 18 days ago by Xorex64
follow/friend feature jnanof 0 70 19 days ago by jnanof
Accidently deleted part list Mikemk 2 49 20 days ago by Mikemk
Is there any delviery to Israel? Cosbiey 1 30 21 days ago by manirelli
Can we talk about the PCPP Build Guides being....bad? aether_tech 12 206 21 days ago by jipster69
Graphic card memory type prubocatru 3 70 22 days ago by Xorex64
GPU form factor elvenson 2 57 22 days ago by elvenson
Adding PlayTech to New Zealand site. Lightlyrow 0 30 22 days ago by Lightlyrow
Any chance for Bluetooth as a filter on Motherboards? MrsAngelD 0 21 23 days ago by MrsAngelD
Overclockers UK links xPat 2 37 25 days ago by manirelli
Back to top floridaboz 2 57 25 days ago by floridaboz
Newegg links are broken CallMeMrBacon 2 61 26 days ago by philip
Filter for RAID support RaspberryPiFan 3 37 29 days ago by Nuckles_56
Parametric filter on mobile Stycks32 0 25 29 days ago by Stycks32
Glossy or Matte screen filter Link_Jumper 0 41 1 month ago by Link_Jumper
USB passthrough filter for keyboards N-Bomb 1 49 1 month ago by RaspberryPiFan
Completed build not showing up? Bnv12 3 39 1 month ago by indyofcomo