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Adesso HF-4003UB Wired Laser Mouse


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Manufacturer Adesso
Part # HF-4003UB
Connection Wired
Tracking Method Laser
Maximum DPI 1600
Color Black
  • Up until now, there have been two paths for increasing performance of an optical computer mouse. One path has been to replace the traditional LED tracking setup with a laser tracking system. This, in turn, provides a more reliable optical tracking as laser tracking is substantially more accurate than LED tracking. The other path to increasing optical mouse performance has been to keep the LED but raise the DPI (dots per inch) count of the optical sensor. The higher the DPI count, the more sensitive the mouse becomes. While both techniques improve optical mouse performance, no company has decided to combine the two - until now. Introducing the HF-4003UB 3 button laser mouse, featuring both a laser tracking system and a 1600 DPI sensor.
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