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Cooler Master Elite 110 Mini ITX Tower Case

( 4.6 Average / 16 Ratings )



Cooler Master


Elite 110

Part #



Mini ITX Tower



Includes Power Supply


Internal 2.5" Bays


Internal 3.5" Bays


Motherboard Compatibility

Mini ITX

Front Panel USB 3.0 Ports


Maximum Video Card Length



11.06" x 8.19" x 10.28"

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Merchant Base Promo Shipping Tax Availability Total
SuperBiiz $38.99 $38.99+
Mac Mall $39.98 +FREE s/h $39.98
Micro Center $44.99 $44.99+
Newegg $39.99 +$8.99 s/h In stock $48.98
Directron $52.98 $52.98+
B&H $54.98 +FREE s/h $54.98
PCM $40.00 +$19.56 s/h $59.56
NCIX US $59.98 In stock $59.98+
OutletPC $59.98 $59.98+

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from completed build Project:RED

Voided my warranty but i love it even more now. 10/10 would buy again

from completed build Living Room Gaming Hexahedron

My favorite ITX Cube case EVAR! I have built 4 computers using this case and each time I love it. It doesn't hold the bigger cards, but with the growing popularity of ITX cases, card manufacturers are shrinking down the big cards and they fit in this case. Word of advice...Modular PSUs make this case a dream to build in...other wise be prepared for a ziptied hunk of cords.

from completed build Photo editing build for aunt

Great case, just enough room for everything! Don't know if I'd be able to fit a more capable cooler in there, but it has space for a 3.5" and 2.5" drives, fans, mini-itx, full power supply, and more. Anyway I'm docking a star because it only included 3 motherboard standoffs and I didn't have another lying around. So the mobo is only in with three screws. Hopefully that'll be fine. Anyway, it's quality construction and all.

Absolutely unbeatable for the price. I wanted a small, cheap Mini ITX case and this is just perfect. Being able to use full size ATX PSUs is a huge plus for the price factor, and the cooling actually seems quite adequate for a case of this caliber. Not a lot of room to cram cables around, but that's a trade off with such a small case. It can fit 2 full 3.5" drives as well as an additional 2 SSDs which is great as well. Very efficient use of the small space, and I am very satisfied with this case. Would recommend, especially for the price if you're looking for a small, basic Mini ITX case.