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Operating System

Microsoft Windows 7 Professional Full (32/64-bit)

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Windows 7 Professional



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from completed build The Screamer Mk-1

My college gave me Windows 7 Professional completely free, so I installed that. I would’ve bought 7 Professional anyway since I like having the Remote Desktop feature that is present in Pro. I went with 7 over 8 due to compatibility concerns and some UI issues I have with 8, though I may upgrade it to Windows 10 sometime in the future after that comes out.

I also later installed OS X on this machine after getting an old MacBook Pro to play around with from work, which helped fuel my interest in seeing if I could install OS X on this build. I built this machine without OS X in mind since I didn't have interest in a Hackintosh at the time, but was pleasantly surprised when I managed to get OS X working on this machine.

from completed build Krait 440

I'll be upgrading this to Windows 10 pretty soon but it was a fairly cheap way to get there!

from completed build BlackHawk Mark I

Best OS ever!