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June 6, 2015, 3:34 p.m.

About TheOfficialCzex


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Bio: Resident Acer fanboy.

Great Quotes:

Increased guns ? increased crime rate

Decreased quality of education = increased crime rate

Increased poverty = increased crime rate

Criminals use guns as a means to kill and to threaten or terrorize, but guns are merely an innocent tool like a knife or a metal bat; they're instrumental, not responsible.

You cannot cure The Hunger. You can only satiate it momentarily before it overcomes you again. Yours is a path many damned souls have tread before and many more to follow. A path of broken checking accounts, empty wallets, and the discarded husks of forgotten workstation machines - ruthlessly cracked open and hollowed out for their precious innards. Their abandoned frames form the breadcrumbs we follow to your final destination: the howling madness of a room alight with LEDs and whirring OEM fans; pulsing RGB and sloshing of pumps; a madman, rocking on his heels amidst his electronic compatriots; cackling with delusion, he clicks "Add to Cart" with pocked and gnarled fingers, still-fresh blood from a particularly unfriendly chassis dripping onto his MOBA-ready mouse...

You wish to scratch the itch? You damned fool... You are the itch. The itch has consumed you already.

Useful Information:


CPU: Central processor, does physics calculations in games. Intel is generally the best choice as of now. Quad-cores for gaming are recommended.

CPU Cooler: Keeps the CPU at temperatures that won't melt it. Most CPU' s come with a cooler. Go air cooling if you can't afford a 240mm or larger All-in-One cooler (AiO: an enclosed water cooling loop that comes prefilled and assembled).

Motherboard (MOBO): Mainboard where everything plugs in. Get one that has features you want at a good price.

Memory (RAM): Stores things temporarily really quickly. Can't really go wrong here.

Video Card (GPU): Displays video. AMD offers the best value for GPU' s currently. NVIDIA is not far behind.

Power Supply (PSU): Provides power so the system can run. Don't skimp out on it. Get a PSU with at least an 80+ Bronze rating. Ask us about good ones for your budget.

Storage: Stores things for as long as you want them. SSD (Solid State Drive): faster than hard drives, but more expensive. HDD (Hard Disk Drive): slower, but much cheaper. You can have a combination of both.

Case: Holds everything. Get one that's appealing to you while still offering good cable management room.