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Thin Mini-ITX Haswell build - pcpmhe's Saved Part List

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Part List
Warning: These parts have potential issues/incompatibilities. (See details.)
Estimated Wattage: 103W
Component Selection Base Price Promo Shipping Tax Price Where
$109.99 (Purchased)
CPU Cooler
$34.86 (Purchased)
$105.72 (Purchased)
$75.21 (Purchased)
$114.43 (Purchased)
$53.74 (Purchased)
Optical Drive
$20.80 (Purchased)
Case Fan
$13.99 (Purchased)
Custom RAVPower 90W 19V AC adapter ID 5.0mm OD 7.4mm $17.43 (Purchased)
Windows 7 Home Premium (Full) (eBay) $75.00 (Purchased)
Arctic MX-2 thermal paste (on hand from a prior build) $0.00 (Purchased)
Total (Purchased): $621.17
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Potential Issues/Incompatibilities
  • Cooler Master Hyper 212 EVO 82.9 CFM Sleeve Bearing CPU Cooler and Lian-Li PC-Q07B USB3.0 Mini ITX Tower Case are not compatible.
  • Lian-Li PC-Q07B USB3.0 Mini ITX Tower Case and Asus H81T/CSM Thin Mini ITX LGA1150 Motherboard are not compatible.
  • Lian-Li PC-Q07B USB3.0 Mini ITX Tower Case has front panel USB 3.0 ports, but the Asus H81T/CSM Thin Mini ITX LGA1150 Motherboard does not have onboard USB 3.0 headers.
  • (Flag issues/incompatibilities as incorrect.)
* Some physical dimension restrictions cannot (yet) be automatically checked, such as cpu cooler / RAM clearance with modules using tall heat spreaders.
pcpmhe's Saved Part List Notes

Intended for a non-gaming HTPC environment, using Windows Media Center as a DVR.

The goal is to build a (usually) silent HTPC in a case large enough to hold a tall large heatsink, but in a space smaller than a usual mini-tower case -- and for a cost that is lower than the more common fanless thin mini-ITX builds (which usually involve a more expensive case, and no room for a DVD drive).

One reason for choosing the Asus H81T/CSM thin mini-ITX motherboard is that it comes with a normal height I/O shield (to fit the Lian Li case). (It also comes with a shorter thin mini-ITX I/O shield.)

Since the power supply is external, there should be enough room for the Hyper 212 heatsink. (but see update 1 below)

The Nexus D12SL fan replaces the fan that comes with the Hyper 212, because the Nexus fan is quieter. It's the only fan in the system.

Based on building an i7-3770S system with the same heatsink/fan, I'm hoping the fan will never spin, even at moderate to high loads. The fan is to deal with a continuous high load, which shouldn't occur in an HTPC non-gaming environment.

Note: pcpartpicker spots two incompatibilities. The first (motherboard/case) is a soon-to-be fixed pcpartpicker bug. The second (cooler/case) is valid in general, but doesn't apply for this build because there will be no internal power supply to interfere with the cooler.

Update 1 (after the parts arrived):

Although there's enough headroom for the Hyper 121 EVO in the PC-Q07B case, three small components on the underside of the H81T motherboard interfere with the installation of the EVO back plate. Now looking for a similar sized cooler that will work with this motherboard.

Update 2:

Forum members pointed to the Thermalright 120M as a similar size cooler that requires no backplate, and uses screws from below the motherboard to secure the heatsink.

After comparing Thermalright's no-backplate solution with just not using a backplate with the CM 212, I chose to stay with the CM 212 -- even though the TR design looks a little better.

I used two washers underneath the motherboard at each standoff: a rubber washer to avoid damaging the traces, a nylon washer below it, and then of course the nut to tighten it. Before tightening, I temporarily attached the topside bracket to make sure it would screw in later when attaching the heatsink.

Seems plenty strong without a backplate.

Slight concern that the rubber will deteriorate over time. But easy to fix as long as the rubber doesn't damage the motherboard.

The build seems to work well with a low power draw, and is silent.

May not need any tweaking. Will know more later.

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