Birthday present built for my gf. She wanted a hobby machine for coding, gaming at 1440p, and configuring robotics kits.

The cabling ponytail is a visual intrusion for sure. I'll address it eventually. It was convenient to have it that way while I worked on the SSDs, which weren't yet installed when I took photos.

Part Reviews


Not OC'ing so who cares what I think! 5 stars because pins did not break when the completed rig bumped the floor during transport.

CPU Cooler

I like the clunky look with the nipples at the end. Reminds me of those upside down antennas that Luke grabs under Bespin.

Thermal Compound

It's working.


Some people have called the board "flimsy." I'd say "thin" and thank you very much for the price and decent features.


Benchmarks appropriate to brand and speed. Not OC'ing so my only useful comment is that the metallic industrial look is great.


Still ticking since 2014. Has seen sooo many Civ 5 saves.

Video Card

The cooling fans are as aggressive as they need to be to combat this case's minimal front intake. One star deducted for a subdued aesthetic that is just barely reminiscent of a ME2 uniform but doesn't go far enough. Don't get me wrong, mid-range cards are great! Like the cute girl you danced with but whose phone number you didn't ask for because you were mature and just enjoyed the moment in satisfaction of a pleasant experience.


PCI BRACKET SLOT COVERS: As reported in reviews, these cannot be reattached after removal. You can see from my photo how I used cable ties to stabilize the peripherals because they met the case brackets at an undesirable angle. For the graphics card I even bent the mounting piece slightly, so that the card looked and felt seated beyond just the lock wings pointing up. EDIT 2 MONTHS LATER: Ties are my preferred solution to an unfortunate design (see my photos) but I'm reassessing this as a bigger problem to live with and so I've reduced stars from 4 to 3. Ties (or bolts with nuts, I think) are a disincentive to remove the peripherals when you want to clean or work in the case. Avoiding the need to cut the ties and fit new ones is now an obsession. It takes 5x the time to do simple tasks inside the case when I'd otherwise have removed the peripherals for convenience if brackets functioned as on most cases. It's still a cute case with good cabling cutouts, though perhaps not great ones: Since my first post I've also mounted 2 SSDs in back, yet facing each one in either direction presents a "bend the cable hard or else expose it in front" conundrum. I believe in putting up with inconveniences with the Micro form factor but if you do not, and especially if you want a top-notch curated look while using several add-ons, then this case may not serve you well. USEFUL: Box fits (just barely) in overhead storage in a 737.

DOOR: The light "give" of the magnetic resistance lock is addicting. I dare you to own this case and not open the door every day just because it feels good.

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  • 3 months ago
  • 1 point

Grab a few bolts to hold that graphics card in place.

  • 2 months ago
  • 1 point

I hear you but it's not that simple. I added an explanation to the photo.

  • 3 months ago
  • 1 point

wait,doesnt the 2600 cooler come with preapplied thermal paste?

  • 2 months ago
  • 1 point

I don't recall, I'm afraid. If it did, I wiped it subconsciously. I'm superstitious and buy new thermal paste. I never use the one that comes with a CPU either.