Modified from the original build back in summer of '14, but still running great. Locked processor because it's just as good as the unlocked and doesn't cost as much. With no intention of overclocking, the unlocked processor wasn't necessary.

The reason for different memory is I started with 8gb and then added more at a later period when I started using more virtual machines. The same reason I have two SSDs. the M.2 is my boot device, and then the 840 EVO is used to store my Mackintosh virtual machine

A Western Digital Caviar Green for mass storage of all my movies and files for work, as well as a Seagate Barracuda for storage of my Steam Library.

a 750w power supply to power all these components, and still have power left over for if I get a second graphics card. The Asus Blu-Ray/DVD/CD reader DVD/CD writer for writing music to discs or ripping Blu-Ray movies onto my hard drive. Beefy wireless card to make sure I get as strong a connection as possible to the router, and a USB 3.0 card reader so I can connect my camera SD card for saving my pictures.

Then a whole new set of fans to keep it all cool and quiet, as well as give it a different color for the case.


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Originally had an unlocked processor, but got the 4790 free. So I just kept the same cooler instead of using the stock one

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Well it wasn't easy.

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