First of all, I'm not speaking natively english so please forgive my mistakes in grammar.

So, this is my first build ever. I have swapped GPU, fans, RAM and single components like that before but never done a full build. Everything did not go well but after completing the build i was still super satisfied :D. Even tho everything didn't go as planned (cable managament, OS installation, storage installation, drivers installation, internet installation...) I'm not regretting anything and will always build myself the computer in the future. I really wasn't sure about the name but at 4 a.m. I thought that I invented a genius name. Name comes actually from the parts: mesh of the front panel of the case, tetranucleus means somewhat the same as quad-core, red shimmery comes from the fans that are so dim that I couldn't call them glowing but shimmering. After I woke up I was like wtf have I been thinking but well, haven't thought about any better name so I let it be.

The computer itself is the best I could afford for 1080p gaming. At first I was intended to do performance per dollar build but I changed to performance for dollar :D. I got about 550$ for CPU+GPU so the best GPU i could get with even the cheapest i5 CPU was one of the R9 380X cards. After I decided the GPU and saw it was released only a month or two ago I decided that I should also go for skylake as it was also released only a few months before it. For future proof you know :D. As i got more money left from the 550$ than I had planned, I bought best non-overclockable i5 because i was never going to overclock. Both are great parts for 1080p gaming :). After I had chosen the two main parts, I started to look for motherboards. I wasn't really looking at B150 boards but this one didn't seem to have any less features that H170 had and it was few dozens cheaper than it. I checked CPU compatibility with RAM speed and 2133 was the speed that it supported so I took 8GB of 2133Mhz DDR4 DIMM sticks. The SSD I had from my previous computer. Nothing fancy about that but it's working great. HDD was the cheapest 7200 rpm 64mb cache HDD. Case was a tough decision but after looking for probably hundreds of reviews I decided to go with this one. Looks great to me and was as small as it needed to be. Had 2 fans in it already and supported up to 5 fans. The PSU isn't really that one if I'm right. I wanted a 600W 100% modular one from tier 2 or tier 1 in tomshardware PSU tier list. So I chose SeaSonic M12II 620W 80+ Bronze EVO Fully Modular PSU. Great unit and has black sleeved cables. They were so ?stiff? (had to look from the dictionary) that I thought I was going to break them when managing the cables :s. The OS I got free from Dreamspark webstore thru my school and the fans I bought used. But then I ran into a problem. motherboard had only 2 fan headers in it and I got 5 fans to connect :D. Well I had to buy 2 fan cable splitters and everything is fine now :).Peripherals I got from my last computer.

Before I started, I had to prepare myself. I plugged the PSU in and turned it off so I can use it to antistatic myself. Lol I was panicing so much about it and was touching it all the time and forced everyone that came to my room to touch it also :D. Anyway, I also took the mat and the plastics away. After I placed my phone next to me for pictures I started.

First I took the motherboard out and placed it on the package it came in. It was nicely colored and pretty simple in my opinion. Would build again :D. I touched the PSU. Then i continued by taking out the processor. I touched the PSU. I opened the locking thingy of the processor and took the processor out of the plastic cover. I touched the PSU. I placed the processor on the motherboard and locked it in. I touched the PSU. I think you know now how much I paniced about the electricity. Anyway the board and msi BIOS + the driver programs were very easy and handy. Also the processor has been great so far. No problems.

Installed the RAM. Pretty easy and straight forward. I hope I got it right for dual channel :D. So far working very nicely and quickly. Msi made a RAMdisk "drive" with its driver program and I can move some files there if I need to move files around or save some temporary files. Superfast. Read/write speeds are around 6000Mb/s?

SSD and HDD are working perfectly... Now. I was struggling a ton with them. Partitions, formatting, volumes, the disk itself. After hour of struggle I finally could install windows but I didn't see other drive at all in "my computer" section. I worked with that for a while and finally got it to work. So rewarding :D. SSD is second in boot order but the computer still boots in 8 secs from pressing the button.

The GPU is great for 1080p gaming. Actually best one that is made for 1080p as R9 390 and GTX 970 are more of a entry 1440p cards. I can pretty much max out anything I play and there is no bottlenecking with the CPU at all. Monitor is 900p but I have changed it with Virtual Super Resolution and I'm now playing 1080p :D. If I hadn't ordered it so fast I could have taken one that has semi passive fans but this is not hearable either.

The case was very good and nice. Removable drive cage was handy and fan installation was quite easy. Cable managament was quite hard for me in this... There is not a lot of room in the back and i had to shove them to the bottom of the case :s. Also installing the MOBO on it's place was a lot harder than I thought or I just did something wrong :D. Nice mesh in front of it and 5 fan mounts. 2 in the front and one in the side panel are LED fans and the 2 in the top and back of the case are non LED ones that came with the case. LED fans are pulling air in thru the dust filters and the 2 non-LED ones are pushing air out for positive air pressure. So far my cpu temps are 33-36 in idle and system temps are 30 degrees of celcius.

I have to say some cables from the PSU could have been a bit longer and some of them a bit shorter.. but all in all great unit and would recommend and use in the future also :D.

The prices are from Finland and converted to dollars so you can compare the differential a bit :D. Also because of all the problems building this took more than 6 hours :DD lel. I had to call for help with the side panel and cable managament. Also the OS wouldn't install so I had to format the drives, delete partitions and volumes and make new ones and then install it. After that I had to make other drive from RAW to NTFS and visible in "my computer". I had issues with drivers cause i didn't have DVD reader in my computer. I thought that like last time, windows will detect the drivers itself but not this time. After research I copied the drivers from the DVD to USB and moved them to the computer. After that internet still didn't work. I went to check my cables other head and i saw it wasn't plugged :):):):):):):):) FML all these hours for nothing :D. After i plugged it in the computer worked great and everything was fine. Now installing all of my games and going to play some :D.

As this is my first completed build and writing please comment on this and give advices for future. I must have also forgotten something as i slept like 3 hours :S. Feel free to ask everything you want!

PS. I tried to upload pictures and every single one of the 17 I got fails to upload. There is always error with the uploading and I don't know why. Tried phone, laptop and pc...

3DMark primary test results: Cloud Gate - 18731 Sky Diver -20569 Fire Strike - 7749 Ice Storm - 159738

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I liked your description of your build process, particularly the bit about touching the PSU constantly. :D

How well is the video card working for you (as it's the same one I plan to get)?