This is my first Intel build, I started the build in December 2015 ,and so far this is the best system I've built, I painted the PSU shroud, I added pin stripping on the top and bottom of sides of the case,some parts prices may be more on this list because most of the parts I bought during cyber monday and black friday plus had rebates on Video card, Motherboard, this was also my first water cooled build I chose the h100i b/c I got it at a good price, the only part I feel I should have done better on was the ssd, but will upgrade soon, and as you can see I went with an MSI Dragon red and black theme, What can I say I like Dragons.

Part Reviews


My first ever Intel cpu and its been awesome.


Not a a very popular ssd, but I have had no issues as of yet.

Video Card

Great video card, it just runs hot but afterburner (fan curve) takes care of that.


Great Case plenty of room,good price would recommend to anyone.

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  • 49 months ago
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Not a a very popular ssd, but I have had no issues as of yet.

That makes it 3 stars instead of 5...? There must be more reasons behind that choice...

I can see you are very proud of your ahh... "Creation" on your case window, that giant MSI Dragon, 6 out of your 17 picture is the dragon... I don't blame you for it, I like it too... Nothing marks out a MSI based computer build like a giant red dragon :3~

  • 49 months ago
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This is a nice looking build. :-)