I built this back in March, mainly to get a semi-high end build under my belt. I game a bit, but not too heavy. (The processor is way overkill, I know!) My intent is for the build to last me a couple years though. My next build will be similar, but probably a Haswell-E or Broadwell-E based system with a custom liquid loop in it. This build still has so much I can do with it though. Before I left home for training, I was going to slide in dual GTX 680's and a dual 27" monitor setup... just to send it over the top :p but I ran out of time. For now, it's got a GTX 550Ti and 22" Acer LCD from an older spare parts build. The RevoDrive is wicked fast. Need some better rad fans. I gave the mobo 4 stars because the heatsink on the VRM chip right above the cpu socket hindered me from placing more rad fans on the H100 to do a push/pull config. The whole build cost around $1750 at the time. Comment away.


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This is a nice build. Looks like you were able to keep the price down too.

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