I will update with more pictures in the future!

I found this PC on the Facebook marketplace for £400. Yes £400. That is about $515 but as you know it seems that in the tech world, USD and GBP are very close in pricing.

I couldn't believe it and i picked it up straight away.

When going to collect it, it seemed the chap i was buying this from was an amazing person and had many cool hobbies that i also enjoyed.

From what i was told, he must have gotten this second hand from someone or perhaps even just had it himself for a while and was probably running 2 or 3 way SLI with some 980ti's. This was assumed since there was two EVGA stickers on the front of the case and also a Zotac and EVGA manual inside the PSU box where all the spare cables went as well as other manuals.

I still couldn't believe i got this for such a cheap price. I was considering re-selling this for around £650 as is, but then a friend convinced me to do some upgrades. (ill make a listing of that soon) which i may now keep and downgrade since this motherboard supports M.2 and has, I believe, 8 SATA ports!

Yeah i cant seem to accept the reality of what I've got yet. Its just incredible.

The only downside to the entire build was that when i opened it up, the CPU fan was screwed to the bottom of the case, so the huge heat sink was left to passively cool the system, which wasn't too bad even though idle temps for the i5 were in the 40's. (Celsius). As well as that the heat sink was a huge pain in the *** to use with the fan, since it just was holding the fan in place with tension from the 4 metal spring-like wires that ran through the heat sink to hold it in place.

Part Reviews

CPU Cooler

Keeps the CPU cool and is very quiet. But the mounting for the fans on this tower is deadly and abysmal.


Nice BIOS layout even though im mainly used to MSI. Love the fact that there is an M.2 Socket on such old hardware but still makes it relevant even for today.

Power Supply

Quieter than my G3. Cant really say much more than that tbh.

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Yeah, the G3 is pretty noisy. I keep mine in Eco mode so it is silent when the system isn’t loaded. I never hear the fan spin. I am sure I would if my system sucked up more watts though.