The CPU cooler is the stock prism, but I couldn't find it on the list and I wanted a more accurate power consumption number.

The B450 Tomahawk Bios had to be flashed before it would recognize the 3700x processor. It was easy enough through bios flashback.

Originally, I had a reference 5700xt by ASRock but I was able to get a Sapphire Pulse in the 5-minute window it was available on Newegg.

RAM from Microcenter for $120 instead of $157 saving $37. Monitor from Amazon for $350 instead of $400 saving $50.

About $1875

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  • 6 months ago
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Great build! Planning on building my new one soon. Also have a B450 Tomahawk, but a 3600 processor. Is there a certain process you used to update the bios? Or was it as simple as downloading the latest version of it onto a USB?

  • 6 months ago
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I mostly followed the flashback instructions. Power to the motherboard, USB in the correct flashback port, no CPU or other major hardware plugged in although I read you could and it would still be fine. I used a 4gig USB 2.0 flash drive as I read that there could be issues with larger flash drives. I did you the latest version at the time but that was in July.

I did plug in a computer fan into the power supply when I did the flashback. When you start the flashback to the new bios, I found it was tricky to see when it was done. If the update works, the motherboard will restart so if the fan turns off then turns back on. I know there are some lights that tell you the same thing but I like the fan turning off as confirmation.

I did all of this at the start of the build and then put everything in. I have read that a lot of people had issues with this process but I didn't run into any when I did my build. After everything was built, tweaking fan speeds and undervolting hardware, I got it to a good performance while being relatively quiet under load. The software/drivers are getting better but they aren't great yet.

A b450 Tomahawk MAX should be coming out if you don't want to deal with this but I haven't seen one to buy yet.

Good luck with your build!

  • 6 months ago
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*I did use the latest version of the bios at the time but that was in July.