I recently updated my RAM modules to G.Skill Flare X 3200 MHz cl14, I noticed improvements about frame rate, I guess I finally solved the micro stuttering in majority of games. The next upgrade will be a RX 5700 XT. Edit: Still stutters on games like Borderlands 2, Ryse Son of Rome, The Witcher 3 on random moments. I don't know what's causing It if I changed almost all the components, I just need to change the GPU but It will take a long time.

Part Reviews


Great multi core CPU but Isn't capable to run games like Crysis at a consistent 60 fps/1080p, btw other games like Batman AK aren't optimized for Ryzen architecture. Overclocked to 3.8 GHz with Vcore 1.33 V.

CPU Cooler

I changed the Hyper T4 for this. It's a lot better than the previous Cooler.

Thermal Compound

Excellent thermal compound for my CPU, 0 problems.


The best micro ATX for first Ryzen CPU gen. With the previous GA-AB350M-Plus Gaming the games stutters more. Now with this the stutter is less. The highest temp of the VRM are 60° under heavy load, stressing the CPU with Aida 64 or Prime 95.


Tried with XMP profile but caused BSOD playing a few minutes The Witcher 3. Then I had to enter the custom timings provided by DRAM Calculator for Ryzen, safe preset. After 4 hours of memtest86 and 1 hour of Aida64 Extreme test, the system runs smoother and the microstuttering on some games was reduced to 0. The RAM sticks looks very pretty but you won't noticed them after plug them on the motherboard.


I replaced the WD Green 120 GB for this. The temps displayed on HWmonitor, HWInfo or Crystal Disk Info are 45° C or higher, even up to 60° C doing nothing, only opening Windows 10, but I touched it and the temp is fine. The performance is just good, no problems, but I'll change soon for a M.2 SSD.

Video Card

Good card but Isn't capable to run a stable 60 fps or even more than 100 fps because a little bit of stuttering on some games, it may be because the Ryzen CPU can't take advantage of the video card, I don't know exactly.


Cheap case, it needs a better cable management solution but it's ok.

Power Supply

One of the best power supply that I could buy very cheap on an Amazon offer.

Case Fan

Very cool and cheap fans and a little bit noisy.

Case Fan

The best fans for my case, I use it for extract hot air.


Decent and solid keyboard mouse to play fps games.


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amazing :)

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interesting about the stuttering on the gigabyte, maybe the ram wasnt running full speed? or some other bios setting

disappointing to hear about crysis, although we need to see modern intel cpus running that same spot of the game... almost nobody benchmarks it now, but in the rare times i ever see it mentioned, it would be like 80fps on whatever part of the game they test (but that's not the part you witnessed dip below 60)

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The ram is also a problem. I can only put it on 2933 MHz, I want to sell it but nobody want it, I like the Corsair Dominator 3000 MHz because is Samsung B-die chip and it's perfect for Ryzen, I would like another like G.skill but in Mexico is hard to find it.

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2933 on the gigabyte or ALSO the asus?

if it's truly b-die, you should overclock it manually, get it to 3200

all clockspeeds & voltages are arbitrary (within a general range of course), there is more that can be done beyond pressing the XMP button or inputting what's on the sticker

some people's tests have even shown that further tweaking of the subtimings (not shown on sticker) can result in a gain in performance

there is a tool that is supposed to help you figure out some of the tweaking called 'ryzen dram calculator'

right now i am waiting for buildzoid (actuallyhardcoreoverclocking youtube) to make a video discussing ram tweaking, another possibility is gamersnexus once they're done moving into their new office, i havent looked for any existing guides yet, nor do i have a ryzen to try for myself

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The rams only run 2933 both Gigabyte and Asus motherboards. My rams are hynix, not samsung, that's why I try to sell them and buy another modules. In this days, I tried several games like Ryse son of Rome, Crysis games and I noticed a little of stutter, I don't know if is because my hardware or only my games, but it's a little, not many like before. Maybe in the future I try to sell my PC and buy another with Intel CPU like 8700k.

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BTW on HWInfo64 I see CPU Core voltage and VDDCR CPU average 1.30 V, does both are the same? and it's right that it drops a little or up, for example from 1.319 to 1.286 or 1.352 V? I used LLC and my offset is 0.081 to set the VCore 1.31 V aprox.

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i dont know about ryzen voltage, havent experienced it yet

i personally dont like LLC that much, it has caused instability in the past & goes against physics in a way that increases voltage spikes