This is my second personal build, but 4th build completed in total. I wanted to build a rig that was a smaller form factor than the mid-tower ATX build I made for my graduation back in 2012, and I also wanted to have a reversal of color schemes. Old build was red black, as was chic back then, so I decided to do the polar-opposite (hehe), White and Blue (which will eventually be RGB, but not today). I also just wanted to have a computer to use, since my younger brother commandeered my old build and is on it pretty much constantly. I could kick him off, but I value my sanity and don't mind this excuse to build another one.

I mainly want to have this as a gaming machine to run VR that is easier to carry around, which will allow me to demo VR to all the less-fortunate friends I know.

Also, the name comes from the Halo series. All of my main devices take the names of the starship-classes. My old PC build is Marathon, my Xbox One is Halcyon, my old phone is Paris, my tablet is Mako, current phone is Autumn... you get the point.

I will upload more pictures once I remember to take them, haha.

Part Reviews

CPU Cooler

Lovely looking cooler, just wish the Corsair symbol illuminated like the other coolers they have. I like that you can remove the plate and reverse it, though! Nice to know that it isn't upside-down in a case that mounts everything upside-down.

Video Card

Have used this card in my current build for the last year, and it runs everything flawlessly at 1080p. It struggles slightly with really demanding VR on my DK2, but I'm holding out for when Nvidia gets their VR SLI act in order.


Little bit bigger than it should be, airflow not as amazing as I'd like, but dat white...

Power Supply

This was the only white power supply I could find, and it has way more wattage than I'll ever need, but it looks nice and the modular nature of it is really nice. It will allow me to upgrade to SLI 970's when I decide to get another.


Clickity-clack, clickity-clack, clickity-clack... Great feel, one of the best looking mechanical keyboards I have used. However, the aluminum backplate picks up my greasy fingerprints really easily and the Corsair RGB software is notoriously confusing.


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Out of curiosity, why did you pick that mobo over the asrock Z170M Extreme4 micro atx? Also, you mentioned SLI, according to newegg, that mobo can't do SLI, but can do crossfire, have you considered dual AMD RX 480s? They're $200 each when they come out in a week, and are as powerful as a 980 (not ti).

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I actually considered that Mobo and had it listed as the mobo I was going to use for the longest time, but I ended up not going with it since it jumped ~$30 the day I went to buy all these parts on Amazon. I found the ASUS mobo that day, found it close to the price I was going to get the AsRock mobo at, so I went with it.

You know, it's funny, but PCPP actually has some info for this MoBo wrong. ASUS's website says this exact board supports SLI, but that isn't reflected on PCPP. I went to report it, but I have no clue where I would do that. I am an Idiot. I don't know where I read the info that this board supports SLI, but it was wrong. Not too stoked about that, but oh well, seems like dual RX 480s is in my future!!

As far as the RX 480, I am actually heavily considering selling my 970 for just that purpose, since this mobo for sure supports CrossFire. I'm just waiting to see some real-world benchmarks and see it's VR performance and reliability.

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Hi, I'm interested in purchasing the same power supply as you have in this build and I was wondering what color the included cables were.

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