9/7/19 Big persona fan here, super into electronics but its my first real build.

Everything was bought and sourced individually except from the parts I started out with for free, a Grandma's HP Pavilion

The only thing that remains of the Pavilion in this build is my ching-chong mass-produced Chinese board that has zero support today. Now, that's not to say that its a bad board, it works plenty good.

Had the Pavilion case and a GTX 1050 for awhile but the build was really kicked off by my i7, SSD and Tower purchase. From there came the water cooler, the fans, the new graphics card and onward.

I made sure the build list has everything my PC has as of now, but the things I didn't add to the list are:

-An XBOX One Kinect

-Harmon Kardon Speakers

-OEM Wireless Xbox One Controller (V2 Model)

-An old Android I keep connected to the computer as a second screen, mostly as a gauge cluster for Forza

-Turtle Beach PX22 Headset Blue/Black Ver.

I do run ethernet, so no fancy wi-fi cards here

I still have some ideas in mind for switching to AMD and the Ryzen 5 platform, along with the step up to DDR4, but for now my rig runs plenty powerful.

I can add benchmarks upon request, but I can run GTA V at 60 fps at high-ultra setting. Rainbow Six Siege runs at high at 60 fps.

11/21/19 My first big update, I now have two Acer 27" 1080p Monitors. They may be a basic resolution but they have 1ms delay and run at 144hz! Also has G-Sync. Each also has a USB hub that turns one port from the computer into 4 on the monitor

I got a USB disc player because I need my NFS Most Wanted Black Edition

I added Red LED fans to my case, but I got a 3 pack and I have 4 slots. Soooooo it looks a tiny bit incomplete because of the non-LED fan but I love it.

I got my hands on a Yeti Blue Mic, without a stand for now

And last but not least, I got me an HTC Vive set. Got a deal I couldn't refuse. The PC runs it great but I get frame drops in busy VRchat lobbies XD

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  • 5 months ago
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"Looking Cool, Joker!"

Really Nice build, Love the Thieves Decal!