Hey there, this is my build with mostly new parts that I have upgraded extensively from my last build. It's got a new Ryzen 5 CPU paired with a 1070 in a tempered glass case with some RGB. This will probably be my final build/major upgrade until I finish my engineering degree which I have started in September.

Some notes:

CPU: Bought near launch day and managed to OC it to 4.2GHZ all cores at a stable 1.3v

GPU: Bought it for $300 CAD off of some guy on Kijiji that apparently had brand new sealed GTX 1070s for mining but never used, I think I got a great price for a new GTX 1070.

RAM: I'm so glad RAM prices dropped. Managed to pick these sticks up for a good price and have them at 3400MHZ CL14, and probably could push more but I haven't got the time for it.

Storage: The new item here is the WD Black 500GB NVME SSD which is my boot drive. There was not a huge change in performance compared to my old SSD, but I needed the capacity upgrade anyways. The old drives are from old builds/upgrades from previous years.

Case: Picked up a Meshify C by Fractal Design on sale for $100CAD. This case is sexy and functional, and was a breeze to build in, would have not asked for anything more. Added some more fans and a Deepcool RGB strip to make full use of that tempered glass panel

PSU: Pretty old PSU by EVGA. Unfortunately its non-modular, but it is a 600w reliable PSU from EVGA. Would probably be the next thing I'd upgrade because fan has gotten noisy.

Hoped you enjoyed the read and the pictures I got!

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  • 29 days ago
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Hello I have same specs as you and Im looking to buy GTX 1070 . Do you have any problems with GTX 1070 and ryzen 3600? RN I have RX 480(100% in games) and its bottlenecking my ryzen 3600(30% in games)

  • 10 days ago
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Hey, sorry for the late reply. No, I have not had any problems with my CPU and GPU combination. It runs flawlessly in all the games I have played. I don't keep count of CPU and GPU usages when I play, but I can run most games on high-ultra on my 1080p ultrawide over 60fps

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