I've always played games at medium to low tier so I saved up a bunch of money and put myself a pretty nice build together (with some help by a friend) so that I can play (nearly) all current games at 1080p 60 fps.

I already owned a pretty decent display, keyboard and mouse. And I used Windows 7 on a USB flash drive to install the OS.


Installing the components was pretty straightforward, no real issues. Pretty much see what fits what and plug it together. I do however have some experience with building a desktop computer since I've had disassembled and reassembled some old desktops (with old hardware that's barely even used now anymore).

Installing the CPU fan was a bit odd though, had to put quite some pressure on the pins to get them near where they needed to be, then screwed them in, with a lot of force trying pull it out. So i screwed them on pretty tight.

The manual of the mobo didn't really explain the right slots for dual-channel well, there was however an image in it with the numbers 2 and 4, so I've placed my RAM sticks in the second amd fourth slot (counting starts from the side where the CPU is located) and I've checked my specs on it and yes it runs in dual-channel that way.

Might have to look how to re-route the cable from the PSU to the CPU, it could't really fit through the hole of the case at the top, so I placed it in front of the mobo, to the side, leading it downwards. (Update: I could fit the two 2x2 plugs through the top hole by pushing them through sideways, so that the pin didn't stop them from passing through. Now every cable is neatly behind the back)

The case's disk writing led was quite annoying, randomly flickering bright in the dark can be distracting, so I removed the pin from the mobo.


First of getting the installer USB to boot was annoying, it continuesly gave errors or didn't want to start. After one day of no success I tried out some different USB ports and found one that worked.

Installing drivers was a bit tricky and time consuming however. The front case USB ports didn't really want to work properly under Windows 7 until recently, don't really know what the issue was (updating the mobo bios helped a bit). It kept giving an error after a couple of minutes that my keyboard was not recognised as a USB device, same went for some other devices such as my Joystick. A simple reboot solves the problem temporarely though, in case if it happens.

Another thing worth mentioning is that using the TP Link wireless card without it's drivers can cause the computer to freeze up (happened with Steam multiple times).

I have set up both HDDs in RAID 0.

I use the SSD for the OS and my favorite and most loading time heavy games. For all other games, recording and other media, I use the two HDDs.


I am very pleased now with what I've put together, tried out GTA V and other games. All worked perfectly at a smooth framerate and great graphics. I may look forward into getting another GTX 980 Ti to do two way SLI, but I have not decided on that yet.

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  • 56 months ago
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I DON'T LIKE YOUR USERNAME, lol, but really, nice build dude ! +1

  • 56 months ago
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Good build, and just before my OCD kills me, are you going to route the 8 pin CPU EPS power plug through the back of the case?

  • 56 months ago
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Yes, just did that. The image should be uploaded of the finished build.

  • 56 months ago
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Really nice build! Good part choices +1

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