This is my 1st AMD only rig built on a budget of 900 dollars, PC only already had the rest.

Before the comments start blowing up, I know that there are better things to come, and I don't care. I built AMD ONLY this because it is my money and I wanted to. I just wanted a computer to play Steam games and not see any noticeable stuttering (I.E. low FPS) My eye sight requires me to wear super high Rx Glasses so 4k is lost on me and my monitor is big so I can see the text. Check out my i6700k/GTX1080 build if that's what you are in to.

Now that that is cleared up on to the skinny.

I went with the AMD 8370 with the Wraith. I love the 8 cores it provides and coming with the wraith was a plus because I didn't have to buy CPU cooling. Word of caution on the M5A99 Pro 2.0 the Wraith is huge, you will need to get low pro RAM sticks installed before you put it on. I went with 2x8Gb Mushkin stealths for this reason. Deus ex on High settings uses 8Gb and Doom 4Gb by the way.

The R9 Fury is pretty sick with HBM technology and enjoy the way it looks, but it is a power hog and as it is dated I can now afford it.

RMx850 is a must if you ever want to Crossfire a pair of Fury's. Or the next best GPU.

The Corsair 100R is a cheap yet solid case. I found it to be everything I could ask for 50 bucks. Plus the window shows off the MOBO and GPU.

The Hyundai SSD is quick it takes less than 10 seconds to restart Windows10 to usable not just loaded. All of my steam games are on the 3TB HDD, all of them all 209 games. That is its sole purpose in this world. The SSD is Windows10, drivers, and Steam.

Now on to the bad.

Building on a budget means performance will not compete with a GTX 1080 and a i6700k but I find that it runs Doom and Deus Ex on High with a 34" at 1080 just fine for hours.

The case is tight and only comes with 1 case fan, lucky Pbfish wanted pink colored fans and I inherited a few good fans from that build. Plus it is noisy but that is what headphones are for.

Dated MOBO means the next best thing is just around the corner but at the end of the day if you do not like it you do not have to build it or play it. I do not get to play often but I enjoy this Midrange budget AMD ONLY bombshell.

The 100R case will not provide me the room to Crossfire the R9 Fury that I have so, when I decide to upgrade I will have to buy a new case.

All said and done the final total after the mail in rebates I spent $825 and change on a VR capable Steam Rig.

UPDATE: I have been monitoring the internal temperature and idle with ambient temp in the room at 25 C at idle I am at 30C and under full load during real world tests of Deus Ex I am at 49.8C. I have not seen a 50C yet. but that is case temps not GPU or CPU temps. This is good because that is saying that the case keeps the temps down low enough that the GPU and CPU can cool themselves. Not many people monitor this but I think they should. I will update once I have tested the CPU and GPU temps.


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Nice build