This was my first gaming rig build ever. it has many ups and downs with building, thinking I ruined something and my brother violently shaking my hard drive on accident. I was afraid for the first time when installing my GPU as I didn't know how to. I thought I had ruined my system but in reality I had just forgot the cpu power connector. It never posted when I finishrd it and I thought it was toast. After a while of scouring the interpersonal I found I just had to be patient and wait for my RAM. So all in all, it gets great fps and really gets the job done well. I hope this helps anyone...

Part Reviews


Great CPU for a budget pc. Wirks great on pretty much have any AAA title I throw at it.


This isn't a godlike, but it surest does its job excellently.


No problems so far. blazing speeds.

Video Card

A great great great budget card. No hiccups at all.


I loverspent this case. It's a sexy budget case .. TgrIW in some blue leds and it looks awesome.

Power Supply

80+ gold, fully modular, 650w. Just get it

Wireless Network Adapter

It's a wifi dongle...

Case Fan

6 of these makes my system sound like a jet, but personally I lovev to hear my system because it let's me know it was worth it.

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