After years of putting up with the poor excuse of a gaming PC I had, I decided to go out and build a new machine based off research and feedback. This was my first proper PC build as my last machine was a pre-build from MSY.

I'm in my last year of my film/radio degree and do a lot of visual/sound editing so I wanted something that could be versatile in that department but could also be an overall entertainment system. This machine will probably be used for 20% editing, 80% gaming.

I'm not a tech buff so this is a pretty cookie-cutter build based off previous builds on this site I liked and research into the individual parts.

CPU: Coming from an AMD CPU I really wanted to make the switch to Intel and after doing research I heard the new Skylake technology was very fast and good for gaming so I went with the 6700K.

CPU Cooler: I wanted a quiet, efficient cooler that would lessen the heat output from my rig as my room gets very hot (Australian summers are death). I read good feedback with the H100i GTX so rolled with that one.

Motherboard: I've always been a fan of ASUS products so decided to go with the Hero based on feedback and the colour scheme.

Memory: went with 16gb DDR4 3200 as the price was reasonable, will probably upgrade to 32gb in the future

SSD: 250gb is enough space for me to run my programs off and I didn't want to blow my budget out.

HDD: Have had this HDD in the past and haven't had any problems, will just be used as general storage.

GPU: Again went with ASUS because I like their products. Went with the 980 TI for gaming and the option to upgrade to 144hz in the near future. This card is an absolute silent beast.

Case: I love this case, I didn't want anything that was too flashy but was sleek, well-designed and stylish. I love the hidden battery component.

PSU: Went with modular based on cable management reviews, might need to upgrade if I go SLI down the track but for now 750W is doing nicely.

Monitor: Long story short I had run out of money by this stage. I really wanted to get a 2k, 144hz IPS screen but with the money I had I decided to get a 1080P 60hz IPS screen as I wanted the colour for editing. This will be one of the first things I will upgrade.

I haven't had much time on this rig yet but so far I've played Blade and Soul and Rust. B&S runs at 80-120fps on ultra and I was hitting 60fps on Rust with max settings just walking around.

Things that I will be upgrading ASAP: - Mouse mat - 144hz monitor - Different LEDs

Things that I will upgrade down the track: - SLI gtx 980ti - More ram - more hard drives

Let me know what you think/could improve on, thanks guys.


  • 48 months ago
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I like your build, minus the 980ti with a 1080p monitor. Next investment with a monitor? +1

  • 48 months ago
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It'll be the first thing I upgrade once I have some more $$

Looking at a ROG Swift :)

  • 48 months ago
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Some nice parts in the build. It looks nice.

  • 48 months ago
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Really like the stealth black with hints of red! Gonna buy this case.


  • 48 months ago
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battery... it is a power supply,anyway great build +1

  • 48 months ago
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does the gpu block any drive bay?

  • 47 months ago
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Hey, does the strix logo on the GPU pulsate only? Or can it be changed to an "Always On" mode?