I use this PC for gaming, photoediting, and homework. My homework involves lots of CADing and programming. It runs well, in a year or two I'll probably update to a much better graphics card which will require a bigger PSU as well. For now, it fits my need and is a great PC.

I went with AMD because it is the quality of an I7 for the price of an I5. I did about two weeks of research and built the computer over one weekend and it booted up right away. The only problem I have had is with my hard drive setup. I accidentally left my user profile on my SSD, so it is kind of overloaded right now. With all the programming I have to do I'll probably add Linux to it but I'm happy with Windows 8.1 for now.

I built this PC February 2013 and never got around to posting it. Anyways, let me know what you think. It gets 60 FPS in COD Black Ops II and 200 in Counter Strike Global Offensive. Sorry about not having any benchmarks or tests of any kind. If anyone reallllly wants to know I can run a few.

Oh and the pictures are with my old keyboard, my ROCCAT is in the mail right now. The old keyboard is a Saitek Eclipse II which has three different back light colors and an intensity adjuster but it's about three years old and some of the keys just stopped working.

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