First of all, dont bother with the prices of each component listed. I live in South Africa and was working in "rands", not dollars.

This is my first modern build - The last build I did was about 15 years ago. This is a clean, minimalistic and of obviously relatively powerful rig. Unfortunately I have to make use of my old peripherals for the meantime as all my money has gone to the box...

So far, it boots to desktop in just over 30 seconds. I have run Revit and Photoshop with zero issues so far. The only game I have tried to date is Far Cry 4 which I am able to run on "Ultra High" settings with absolutely no issues either.

I am very happy with its performance as I have been planning this rig for the last year, therefore it has definitely proven its worth.

I'd be interested to hear your thoughts/comments!

Part Reviews


An absolute power house for the core of a build! It was between the 9700K and this. After many reviews, I decided to pocket the extra bucks and go for this high thread CPU instead.

CPU Cooler

Super good value for money. Ended up getting one for what would equate to about $60. Despite he price, it seems to keep the CPU cool and impressively quite.

Only reason for a 4 star is that the logo cover plate is cheaply built and was a struggle to fix to the top of the cooler.


Although the first one I received was a dud, this motherboard is great. It accommodates so many different upgrades for various components especaially the CPU. In the future, when I need a slightly quicker PC, I will be able to upgrade to an i9 without having to swap out the entire motherboard.


Awesome boot up times! Also great value for money.

Video Card

If I could describe this thing with one word, it would be: BEAST!!!


Probably my favourite case. Super minimalistic, with minor detailed elements.

Power Supply

Makes for a very neat cable installation, and runs quitely too. More than enough power for what I require at this point in time.

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  • 1 month ago
  • 2 points

Imagine having a blackout while gaming!!! Lmao

  • 27 days ago
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Why is your PC priced at $26K... Half the components on this list are significantly mis-priced.... win10 is only $100, your cooler and ssd are like $90, and your "$5600" CPU is only $380..

  • 26 days ago
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Its a good *** copy of windows XD

  • 25 days ago
  • 2 points

He is using the south african currency, everything is listed 14x as much as it is in dollars