ASUSTek Max z390 ROG Hero Intel Core i9-9900K

Turned out pretty sweet!

Two primary issues encountered: 1) Had a heck of a time keeping the i9's thermals nominal (for multi-hour loaded burnin's). I've had old FX's (Dozer Gen) run super and not care. But, the Intel's never fare as well when sustaining > 50c avg temps. First year is always perfectly fine, then... you're looking for a new CPU (if you know what's wrong), OR more likely a NEW SYSTEM!

Just saying it really hard to justify the price, if you can't keep it out of the shop!

In any event, tried several AIO's, finally ended up with the latest (as of 2018) H115i, and iCUE Really makes the RGB come to life!!!

2) Purchasing the CPU!!! It took my supplier almost 2 months to get me the CPU I paid for... But... that's the "Supply Chain"... uGh

Fortunately, the TITAN Xp was much easier... ;)

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  • 1 month ago
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Really good looking build. I can’t find many builds that manage to make the Corsair fans look good. If I were you I’d vertically mount the GPU so you can show off that sweet founders edition GPU shroud, but that reduces airflow a bit.

Also btw I think you accidentally added picture #6.