It was originally a z97 + 4790k build with a GTX 970 in SLI. Eventually I wanted to play on 1440p but wasn't pleased with SLI performance and temperatures.

I decided to sell GPU's and the CPU+Mobo+RAM and start over. I found a second hand GTX 1080 and decided to go for it, never regretted that decision. Luckily I still could use the kraken x61 cooler with a AM4 socket and just needed another mounting bracket which was not a problem to get.

Little modification to the case I made is remove the optical drive bay. It turns out it's not that simple as I thought. First I had to dismantle the whole case and use an angle grinder to cut it out. It turned out great and that gives me more space to build a custom water loop in the future.

The rest of the build was pretty straight forward. I'm very pleased with temperatures, 50°C and 60°C on GPU and CPU on full load. for the monitoring I use NZXT Grid v3. It had it's "problems" but overall a very good fan controller with option to monitor you temps at all times and setup own fan curves. It even has a microphone, to monitor sound levels and adjust fan speed accordingly. I'd recommend it.

My plans for the future with this build is to update that HDD with SSD, give it some more colours with a LED strip and eventually build a custom water loop with a AMD GPU.

Thanks for watching :)


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