So I started out with a budget and that was 400$ but my friend said Im not going to want a crappy pc that can barely run CS:Go so I upped the Price to around 550$. Im very proud of my computer although I did have a couple of problems with it crashing and I figured out it was that the CPU did not have enough Thermal compound on it, therefore I went to my nearby Best Buy, bought some, and installed it on the CPU and now it hasn't crashed since!

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  • 61 months ago
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+1 I think you got some great parts for that budget.. Your video card is on an 8x crossfire slot though. asus color scheme typically is slots that match the board are the priority slots. That's for pci-e slots, RAM slots, and sata connectors..

So for this board the blue pci-e slot is the 16x, white slot is 8x, the black is 4x.

  • 61 months ago
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Congrats on your first purpose built PC :)