My main PC build that I have been continuously upgrading it throughout the past 2 years or so at this point. I prefer AMD due to their bang for buck philosophy. It runs nice and smooth at max setting for everything I play since I typically only run at 1080p ultrawide resolution which is more than good enough for me in most scenarios.

Part Reviews

CPU Cooler

Great AIO that keeps my Ryzen 1600 nice and cool typically in the high 30's to low '40s at idle and in the low 50's under load with my modest overclock.


Great motherboard. Not that expensive and has a bunch of features that are easy to use. Overclocking is possible and simple to do albeit a bit confusing to figure out at first. Plenty of USB connections for all your USB needs. No complaints here.


The only part I have had some issue with. I had to replace my first kit due to one of the sticks being defective. My replacement kit ran perfectly in my build at the advertised speed, voltage, and timings after manually setting them in the BIOS. However after about a day I got instability problems and had to drop speeds down to 3000 to keep it 100% stable. I am not sure if it is the RAM that's the problem or that I need to boost voltage somewhere to get the full 3200 with long term stability. Still a good part as long as it holds at 3000mhz.


Good cheap SSD. It's fast and possesses a good amount of storage for smaller games or an OS.


Good SSD for storing games or an OS. It's fast and I have had no issues with mine. It comes with a SATA cable when I purchased it, which is nice, but it's red which can clash with some peoples color schemes.


Blazing fast, super reliable. Used as my boot drive with no issues.


Got two of these for under 50 dollars each. Great for the price and very fast. About what you'd expect for an SSD in my opinion. Recommended!

Video Card

I absolutely love this card. It looks super sleek and premium. Got it with the Division 2 gold edition and World War Z which helped me mentally deal with the 700 dollar price tag. I have put a 150 MHz overclock on both the core clock and memory clock which has given the card a significant boost in performance in my experience with it. It crushes anything I throw at it so far, easily reaching 75 frames that I have my monitor set to in all my games on a 1080p ultrawide which I can set to 1440p VSR in some games. It is certainly less noisy than the blower models of the Vega 64 and 56 but it can still get loud if you crank the fan speed up. It also still runs hot, albeit the better cooling solution mitigates this considerably in comparison to the previous generation. I would certainly recommend this card if anyone is looking for a competitor with the 2080, and if you are willing and able to overclock it, a superior card (in my opinion). That is if you are willing to live without ray tracing and DLSS features. I just wish it were 100 dollars cheaper.


I love this open-air case since it looks so good. It's on the larger side and it's heavy, made of really high-quality materials. However, mine came with an Acrylic panel which was easily scratched and not a very good quality in my opinion. Either get the tempered glass panel separately or look for a version that has it included. Otherwise excellent all around.

Power Supply

Cool looking, modular and very quiet. It's a very good and reliable power supply that I can highly recommend.

Operating System

It's windows. It works.


Old monitor I got for 20 bucks used years ago. I plan on replacing it soon with a 1080p monitor. Even so it is a very good monitor which I would recommend if you are on a budget or want a cheap second monitor. If you can find it at a cheap price that is. The near 100 dollar price that I find it for new is not worth it since you can get many better options for the same price.


Excellent monitor. The picture is crisp and clear and I was able to overclock it to 75Hz pretty easily. Be aware it is NOT at 75Hz out of the box but it is easy to get it there using AMD or NVidia software or even third party software.


For the price this is an excellent keyboard. The keys sound and feel good and the whole keyboard feels very solid and high quality. The RGB has a good variety modes and colors to change from. The only thing I would warn others of is that the RGB lights are not the brightest even at max brightness level. Not a problem for me personally, but just an FYI for those who really want bright RGB.


A good budget oriented mouse. It looks good and is comfortable to use. It has different DPI settings and RGB modes which are all pretty good. My only negative is that it has a red braided cord. I personally would have preferred a black one, but that's just me and no reason to knock off a star.


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Nice setup. I don't know anyone with Vega but hear they are very good.

Ryzen gets big performance boost from 3000+ memory.

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Yeah I plan on upgrading to a 3000 MHz kit soon. My Vega is great and easily keeps up with a 1080 especially with a modest overclock that i have on it. Thanks for the comment!

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Cool setup. That case looks awesome! Congrats on using the vega, no one uses them anymore even though they are comprable to 1080s.

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Thanks a bunch! I love the Core P3 case and open air cases in general. I wish Vega was used more too. Mine is great, I bought it used for a little cheaper on price and it was like new when I got it. Absolutely no complaints with it.

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Swear you got a box for a GPU xD lol

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