I've built one other computer in my life, and that was well over 15 years ago, and after this build, I can say that experience doesn't count.

The main goal for this build was to get familiar again with building a computer, as well as having fun experimenting with the overclocking potential of the G3258. Also, I wanted a pleasant looking HTPC in the living room so we can stream from XBMC or other services- and be able to handle my STEAM library of games whenever I get a chance to actually play them.

I found I didn't have the patience like I thought I would when it comes to dialing in an overclock. But I've had a very good luck with the settings at 4.2ghz, which yielded a 25% increase over stock- which I'm very excited about.

CineBench R15 CPU score increased ~26%. When the system was stock it scored a 234cb. Overclocking to 4.2ghz scored 313cb. Both results were an average of 5 runs. I'm sure at some point in time I'll try to get beyond 4.2ghz but for what this box is made for, it will do just fine.

CineBench R15 OpenGl test scored a nice 113 frames per second from a 5 run average. I haven't looked into overclocking this graphics card and after the headaches of getting the processor dialed in, I'm not sure I want to.

This box will eventually evolve into a home server too, as the node 605 has room for multiple HDDs.

I honestly can't wait to start using this as the entertainment device it was meant to be and add on to it when the time comes.

I would appreciate any feedback as this was a learning process for me and it will only help me for the next go around.

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  • 61 months ago
  • 1 point

This is a great build. Very clean cable management too for an HTPC. How are you liking that case?

  • 61 months ago
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Thank you! I like the case, but to be a bit nitpicky on a few things. It was an absolute pain to get the fan rubber isolation standoffs in place on that 80mm fan in the corner due to the other fan being in the way. I'm sure it could have been easier if I installed the two 80mm fans first rather than the 120mm, but that's what a novice gets. The second thing is the small screws fractal gives for the support and the SDD/HDD brackets feel like they could easily cross thread the case, as if they just drilled out the holes and assumed the screws will do the threading. Again, just nitpicking.

The cable management is a little messy to my liking, but I was lucky enough to stuff it all behind that white SDD/HDD mounting bracket.

The case looks beautiful in the entertainment nook we have.

  • 52 months ago
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Overclocking the GPU is a lot easier than overclocking the CPU. When you OC the GPU, you don't even have to restart the PC to change the clock. +1 for a great build.

  • 60 months ago
  • 0 points This is my gaming pc and the processor is better then the graphics card because i do not want to have to up grade my processor anytime soon