Somethings old, somethings new, somethings used, & some fans blue.

Old Case: Purchased 6 years ago and was once home to my 2nd build. It included an AMD Phenom II X2 550, GIGABYTE GA-880GMA-UD2H, MSI GeForce GTX 260

Old Mother: eBay score in 2014, has a broken internal USB3 header pin but with so many I/O ports its a non issue.

New PSU: Does not look quite as cool as my old SIGMA SHARK SP-585 but once you go modular you never want to go back.

New Memory: I know, overzealous with the 16GB and a faster clock speed. Mem is sooo cheap now, my old 4GB OCZ Obsidian DDR3 1600 Cost me $90 back in 2010.

New SSD: On the lower end, but damn boot and reboot speeds compared to traditional drives are beyond words.

New GPU: After a few years hiatus from PC gaming this was a bit of an impulse buy, I could have splurged a bit more but I really don't need the power ATM.

Used CPU: The newest part, thanks to an Amazon gift card for my birthday (2016) I can now start to dabble into OC.

(Part prices reflect cost to me at time of purchase)

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Ima sad they discontinued the Vulcan. Still have mine sitting in the closet.

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