I haven't built a Windows machine since 1999. So, it's been a while. I have only used laptops since 2000 and Mac's since 2007.

I play DOTA2, and I know that DOTA2 relies more on the CPU than the GPU, so I decided for the first part of this build to exclude it, just to cut the costs down.

I will eventually be purchasing either the GTX 780 or the GTX 770, haven't decided which. Once this purchase is made I will be actually running "real" games that rely on a GPU.

I recently purchased a PS4 instead of an XBOX one, however, after hearing how great Titanfall is I realized I needed to play it.


MOBO: I have read horror stories about MSI quality control. However, many people swear by this board, and for the price it seems awesome. I even asked buildapc if someone knew of an alternative to the board, and everyone said stay with MSI. Although I'm not an over clocker, I may someday want to try it. I even got a $20 mail-in rebate for this board.

CASE: This is the first case I have actually fallen in love with upon seeing it. It has no bays in the front. That is awesome. This was the first piece I purchased. Upon purchasing I was originally going to get a 500W Corsair PSU, however, NZXT had free shipping on orders of over $200. To save on shipping, I decided to go with a 750W Modular PSU from NZXT.

CPU: I originally was going to go with an i7, however, after this thread on Reddit, I decided to go with the i5 instead. Most modern games don't even make use of multiple threads or hyper threading, so I didn't see the need for the additional $100 here.

STORAGE: Only needed Solid State. I have a 9TB NAS, so HDD is not necessary.

MEMORY: Originally thought about 16GB, since I'm old school and thought, the more memory the better. However, after much reading, 8GB seems to be the way to go. Unless I am doing hardcore video editing, which I'm not. Looked at all kinds of memory. No real reason why I chose this memory, however, I did get a $10 mail-in rebate.


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Nice build for a nice price.

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