With virtual reality coming right around the corner and an day one HTC Vive preordered, I decided to "downgrade" my PC from an ATX form factor to ITX as I don't plan on using the additional PCIe slots and wanted something new to do with my PC. In addition, I also wanted a smaller sized case to make traveling with it much easier.

Building in this case was a bit frustrating at times, but overall still fun. I ran into some issues such as having to switch the CPU cooler fan configuration to pull rather than push as there was not enough clearance near the hard drives. I also had to remove the power supply and reinstall it after plugging in all of the cables into the motherboard as space was very tight. Cable management was difficult with the limited amount of space but the provided cable tie mounts throughout the case were very helpful.

At first, I was a bit worried about temperatures considering the fact that with such a small case, the parts will all be confined which would build up heat in such a small space. However, it turns out that cooling is great in this case; The GPU has its own dedicated vent to intake air and the rear 140mm fan is able to effectively exhaust the heat produced by the CPU and GPU.

Valley (Extreme): FPS - 84.0 Score - 3515 Min FPS - 34.6 Max FPS - 146.6

Heaven (Extreme): FPS - 82.1 Score - 2069 Min FPS - 28.8 Max FPS - 185.8

3DMark (Firestrike): 10,410

SteamVR Performance Test: Average Fidelity - 7.9 Frames Tested - 9856


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16GB is more than enough and you will have some unused ram and this is where the rapid technology comes in. Boosting your ssd performance besting a Samsung 950 Pro 256GB M.2 NVMe SSD once you activate Rapid using the samsung magician the performance of the Samsung 850 evo will out perform the Samsung 950 Pro i have benched this. Samsung 850 in rapid = READ: 2868.59 MB/s WRITE: 2343.71 MB/s compared to Samsung 950 Pro 256GB M.2 = READ 2168.43 MB/s WRITE: 1449.98 MB/s and so on. This is due to the use of ram as cache for your ssd. In defult once you activate it, it will take at a maximum of 1 gb ram(unused ram no more ;)

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Totally reasonable parts list - and that Node 304 is sexy as hell! More pictures of your setup please!

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WOW so much money of a crappy MOBO, otherwise good build.