OTHER HARDWARE FOR RECORDING: Blu Snowball iCe - decent mic, but I'll probably upgrade at some point.

I've mounted my mic using a $20 lamp stand from Ikea and a $5 adapter from Guitar Center. Looks ghetto, but it's WAY cheaper than the alternative.

Headphones are also important for recording, but that is more to user preference.

I'm going to go over each section so people understand the build and choices a bit better.

CPU: This is probably the oldest part at the moment, but works great. Very stable with good temps at 4.4GHz overclock.

Motherboard: Decent, wouldn't really recommend it these days though. There are better options for the price.

Memory: Works great and looks nice. Also makes a very reliable ramDisk.

Storage: 120GB SSD for OS, 2TB HDD for storage/software, 2TB HDD for recording/editing, extra 64GB SSD not in use.

Video Card: Great card for the price range, quiet and great temps. Though, I'd go for at least a 660TI if I could afford it.

Sound Card: I'm a bit of an audiophile and this has been a great upgrade for me. For others it may not be as useful.

Case: It is huge, you'll need space for it.


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lol, high end cpu paird with low end gpu, you should fix that ;)

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cool build with avenues to upgrade I like it