This was my build, and enjoyed it very much. I use this mainly for gaming, and some vidoe rending, it seems to handle it all very well. I get about 80 FPS average on Battlefield 4, and 40 FPS on AC4, all on Ultra settings. Was able to get 4.4 GHz on the 4670K but my core voltage was was to high to make it worth running all of the time, but had to keep it that high to be stable. Have it set to 4.2 GHz max right now, seems to do great on that setting with about 55 degrees being the top temp. These Haswell series Intel CPU's sure are a challenge to OC. The GPU can handle anything you give it, with a little tweaking, and seems to run pretty cool. The shadowplay recording is a big plus to using the GTX. I went with the Full tower because I wanted lots of room to work, being my first build, and also wanted plenty of room for air flow. The H100i keeps the CPU running super cool, and also help pull in more air with those high flow fans it comes with.

In my next version of Odin's Fist, I plan to use a larger water cooling system, and more system fans to help with cooling, when I step it up with a new broadwell or 4770K CPU. Also plan to add on more ram and a high frequency, to keep it from bottle necking while OCing.


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