Built in September 2012. Its now 2014 and I had to RMA the GTX 660 (after 15 months) but MSI didn't charge me! I built it for gaming during my last year of college when I had an engineering internship paying big money (when compared to my previous minimum wage job).

CPU: This thing was an awesome deal. Overclocks easily and shouldn't need upgrading.

Cooler: The Hyper 212 is just about as good as water cooling and much cheaper and more reliable.

MOBO: Almost got an ASRock board, but this one was a steal.

RAM: Gskill has good value. I bought more ram for playing the Planetary Annihilation Beta as it would eat up RAM sometimes. I got Kingston for reliability. Both RAM sticks are supported by the mobo and run at 1600Mhz with zero stability issues. I was a little worried at first though as they are different voltages, luckily my mobo supports different simultaneous voltages.

Storage: Started with just the OCZ... obviously it wasn't enough. Bought the others later.

GPU: Nvidia has proven drivers and reliability. I'll probably upgrade with the Nvidia 800 series release.

Case: This one looked pretty cool.

PSU: Had a CX500, which is now sitting in my Media Center. I bought a CX660M for reliability as it has the fancier internal components which make me feel all happy inside. My PC never runs over 296W last I did a benchmark.

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