My wife has her own business, and while seeing I was building a computer for each of my kids after building mine, she demanded we build her one as well. Considering my PC needed some upgrades (it is my university, as mine is fully online), I decided to re-use some of those parts, which include the RAM, CPU, SSD, and keyboard. She lives in social media, so this was more than enough for her, and the GPU is solely for dual/triple monitor setup; she runs her business in social media.

Yes, I am aware that not all parts have been listed, and that is because we did change the GPU from a 970 (my son's prior to it being finished since I had to tear down to fix some issues with the motherboard), then a 1070 Ti (my old one), and now the RX 580 which is hers. Don't judge the Funkos, ALL of them wanted one, they even wanted to put one in my build.

Pictures are not as great, as they were taken with a phone; however, don't mind the cardboard and it being on the floor, it was moved. This was a temporary placement while we tested it and made sure everything was working accordingly. Overall, she is very pleased with it.

Part Reviews


Not the best purchase for workstation, but it's all I could afford at the time; Ryzen 2000s frequencies were not the best at the time, and they had plenty of complaints. My wife uses it for her business now, and while it is managed mostly in social media, it can multi-task on her level with no issues.

CPU Cooler

Got this on deal for $120, and it was totally worth it; keeps the 8600K on high 50s when stress testing, yet it is not OC'd (why would you?) (why would you not?). It looks WAY better than the original Pro series, and the cooler itself has addressable RGB lights, unlike the Pro version of it. White looks clean, and it comes with the LL120s already.


Bought this used since wife wanted wireless, and for the price I could not complain. Works great, and goes well with the build; more than most other options out there within the same price range.


Purchased this when RAM prices were through the rough after realizing my 16GB kit wasn't capable of the multi-tasking I was doing for school, so the whooping $210 hurt a bit... a lot to be honest. However, they performed great, but I moved them into my wife's rig to match the color theme.


Purchased this originally for $90 when it came out, and has worked wonderfully. Currently her boot drive, and so far has had no issues. Boot happens within 7 seconds ALL THE TIME.

Video Card

This was given to me, which I then modified to match the wife's build. After reapplying paste and putting new thermal pads on it, re-painting it white, and re-assembling it, I can gladly say it looks great, and performs better than great. It rarely reaches 59 degrees.


This case was purchased to match the white/black build I was doing for my wife, and it did not disappoint. I love this case, and how clean it looks; cable management was a breeze. Definitely worth it even more when found under $90.

Power Supply

Purchased this for $55 on deal, then the merchant changed the price after I checked out. Since I did take a screenshot of it due to me not believing such deal, it was then honored. Cheapest fully modular PSU at 750W minimum 80+ Gold I could find, and it was a steal. Has worked fine so far, although if any issues, I'll make sure to update this review.

Case Fan

Got these used for $22-23 each, and they worked as new; considering the price difference when buying 4, it was worth it instead of brand new; they look amazing.


I was skeptical of purchasing a 27" 1080p monitor due to it looking horrible on my 32" VA AG32CQ. I was surprised when I took the chance, and realized how amazing this monitor looks compared to many others within the same price range. Purchased for $139.99 I believe, and it was totally worth it; I still believe the best picture quality monitor in the house so far, also the only non-gaming one (laughs). Plan on purchasing the same exact for her as well, once I can come up with the money.


Corsair knows that the MK1 STRAFE has had firmware issues with LEDs, and they still sold it without any concern. After attempting RMA and realizing that they would not pay for the shipping considering they did know about it, the wife said she'd take it over an old one she had, and she also hates it. This is where I realized how sketchy of a company they can be. Cannot recommend even for half the price; hell, not even a quarter of it.


The glossy version is better for those with sweaty hands; since mine didn't, it was always slipping, plus a bit annoying for fingertip grip. However, great mouse, for a great price! Definitely recommend, but don't just take my word for it; YouTube some reviews to see for yourself. Have Model O and O-, and love both so far. Not a fan of the D, so passed on that one.

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