This is my Return to PC gaming after OVER 10 years. I bought all of these on black Friday, so the prices in the list are vastly different than I paid. I had bought a 600 watt power supply, but that apparently wasn't enough for a Radeon VII according to their specs (despite what PCPartPicker told me). I obtained a Corsair 750 watt that went dead after 3 days. It took a visit to Fry's to figure out that's what the problem was. The only Gold/Modular PSU I could find locally was an 850 watt so I returned the dead one and grabbed that. I originally had some cheap RGB fans I got on Amazon in this thing, but my CPU temperatures were too high for my liking so I swapped them for the cheaper and better performing Cooler Master SickleFlow's and upgraded to the Corsair H60, instead of the stock Wraith Cooler. I know most people would have gone for a 2080 or 2080 super, but the Radeon VII was on sale and had very similar frame-rates, even out-performing it in some games like Battlefield V. I wasn't going to go for the 3800X originally, I was going with a 2600x. Then I said I had the money so why not get a bigger processor? So I opted for a 3700x. Then with the black Friday deal it was actually 2 dollars more than what I had priced for a 3700x, so I figured what the heck? With the black friday deals, before the monitor, this was a $1600 build.

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