Note: At first look it may seem like I bought parts that aren't necessary but i was thinking about future builds i plan to do with this being the first of many more to come, I hope. :)

In terms of use it will be hit with some demanding games like gta v, fallout 4, etc on ultra 1080p as well as my school production work using adobe Photoshop and illustrator so could use more ram how ever im fine at as im no professional.

One thing i love is the ssd which was a steal at £40 on Amazon, It gives me super fast boot up times at under 10 seconds currently with little else installed on it. The CPU was easily overclocked to 4ghz using bios meaning my i5 is preforming like a i7 and could even go further if i want. Another welcomed benefit was the fact that there were no problems building and setting up what so ever, which I was worried about especially static electricity damage however touching my case every now and then proved to be proficient.

Feel free to ignore this noob build as its nothing special but powering on my first self built computer was a great feeling and i wanted to share it. :D (More photos to come as soon as i port them over)


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Classy build. +1. You know you can overclock that cpu more than 4.0 ghz. With the water cooler on that sucker let it run. Try for 4.2 or 4 3 or 4.5......

Great job.

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How are you finding the x61 on this at the moment? I have almost exactly the same set up for my build and looking into watercooling now?