Whatsup fellow Enthusiasts!!

This was my first ever PC build, overall this was a great experience to complete such a clean and powerful build. System was fairly easy to understand I had no issue with compatability or maintanence, cable management was fun in the case, although took me days to figure out how id like the cables routed but came out clean. All parts fitted together nicely and I was stoked to find nice white components to suit this build. Let me know how you feel about the simple white colour skeem and part choice??

I constructed this to be used as a home workstation and media editing suite for my dslr photos and hd video. Most components are far overkill but I had the goal to future proof and keep system running fast and cool. I'd say I achieved that quite nicely.

Unfortunately I wont be gaming on this system as im not a fan of pc gaming, (Sorry Playstation Loyalist) so cannot comment how this handles against new titles. Samsung 950 pro boots windows in less than 15secs most times and system is overclocked by +15%. I havn't stressed the sytem enough to take note of load temp or performance but will attempt to do some benchmarks once fully complete with GPU and better radiator fans.

I opted for optical drive (not many do) as I have a large music and bluray disc library, so I wanted to be able to play these without issue, allows added versatility for install media too.

Highly recommend the logitech thx speakers I have, and the sick as G502 mouse they are super good build quality and speakers paired with the crystal sound in asus motherboard put out great sound with rich bass and clarity.

Will add GPU soon and do some tidying up, but atm she is running great. The skylake platform is strong and stablet and the 32gb of ddr4 ram is nice to have. Not a stutter or hitch. Any suggestions or thoughts is appreciated, Cheers:)

Will add more high def pics once she is taken apart again and finished with graphics card. (Update) Danm this sites such a b**** to upload high def photos to. Will add as much as I can!


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