Finished the build on 2/2/2015.

The project spawned from purchasing the 750 Ti for my old Dell Precision 490 only to find out that it was not compatible. Rather than returning the card, I decided to build a PC that would work for it.

I set my initial budget to be $600 and only went over that due to not wanting to deal with the mail in rebates.

Pictures will come soon of the build. Overall it was very simple to put together (besides the Hyper 212 EVO was a slight pain to get aligned).

I will be doing some benchmark and stress testing on the system soon. My hope is to get the processor around 4.2-4.5 GHz.

The next addition will be a SSD for my OS as well as the most used games on my system. I was able to reuse 2 old hard drives from previous computers for the time being.

I am currently using this on a 20" 1680x1050 monitor. I would like to upgrade this in the future to a 27" 1440p monitor and then a better graphics card after that. Currently I can run virtually any game on it with Ultra settings and achieve 30-60 fps.

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  • 56 months ago
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This is really great. You could have saved money with kingston fury black 1886 dimms. Also what a great looking case. Wish i had a bigger budget like yours. Can your card handle 1440p? If not you'll have to upgrade. Moar pics please

  • 56 months ago
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Thank you for the feedback! The budget grew as I looked more into building my PC but I saved up for a bit ahead of time to be able to afford it. I think my current card could handle 1440p on lower settings for now and then upgrade to probably a 970 after. I was very pleased with this case for how easy it was to work with and have some basic cable management - the whole thing took about 1 hour to put together only including tiding up the cables.