Wife 'allows' me to build a new PC every ~5 years. 2019 was that year and what a year for PC hardware.

CPU: PBO overclock RAM: Timings brought to 14/14/14/28 GPU: 2050mHz/950mHz with+5% power limit

Front two fans are stock that came with case. Front of case looked barren with nothing installed. However, stock fans are noisy and will most likely replace with another set of BeQuiet! 120mm's.

PowerColor Red Devil 5700xt had some serious sag. Purchased a lift bar for ~$10 on Amazon.

NVME will be added mid 2020, in hopes 4.0 costs come down.

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  • 2 months ago
  • 2 points

I like the build, (effective and good price to performance) and the matching color scheme to boot. Focus on noise>RGB is a +1 from me

  • 27 days ago
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you know what also could've lifted your cpu? Legos. I used them in my build for my gpu sag. Just stacked on some black ones and put it under. Does the job perfectly.