Risen 3900 had a hell of a time with suitability need new driver's and bios upgrades and still some issue. Cooling is good with 9 vadar fans two 140mm and 7 120mm fans one 360 × 60 rad and a 140 × 60 rad in inline combo the 360 is push pull confige and dose the bulk of the work keeping the vrm's and cpu and gpu in check had to play aroud with the thermal paste and finally found 3 dollop's over the cores and mosfet worked the best the ram wants to run at 4100 mhz even thought thay are only rated at 3600 tried to run at 3600 but only got crashes could be better at 3600 with 1.1 but 1.2 I'm stuck with till new bios revision fron Asus had to look for the video card driver to and cpu was a little hard with just my phone for internet support as my wifi won't run for some reason still working on that had a great time with the build great case but for water cooling should have gone for the luxe 2 from phantecks as I had to leave the cable management bar out to fit the pump res combo

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  • 4 months ago
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My god, man... punctuation! lol

  • 4 months ago
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gorgeous build. Nice and clean..... love it.